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Poloskin Boris Pavlovich

( Author and performer.)

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Biography Poloskin Boris Pavlovich
photo Poloskin Boris Pavlovich

born February 18, 1932. in Leningrad in a working class family. My mother was a peasant. Father was killed in another Finnish company. During World War, Boris and his brother were evacuated Tolia. The mother remained in the besieged Leningrad.
After the victory he returned to Leningrad and a month later was identified in the 1-S from the Leningrad military musician school students in the class clarinet. Passion for poetry, which began in the boarding school during the evacuation continued, aided by lessons in the school literary circle
. In 1948, after graduating from military school Guard soldier clarinetist of early life Boris Poloskin enrolled in night school for working youth in the ninth grade, . finished it with a silver medal and in 1950 became a student at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute named after M,
. I. Kalinin.
In 1956 he graduated from the Institute specializing in "research engineer". Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences. He worked in the Physical and Technical Institute. A. F. Joffe, is currently Associate Professor at the St. Petersburg Academy of methods and management techniques.
While studying at the institute went to college teams, met there with student songs. Participated in amateur performances. He began singing at student gatherings to the accompaniment of accordion, which played Comrade B. Poloskina on the student's desk, and in the future - on tourist campaigns, co-author of his songs, colleague Oleg Shcherbinin. Then, the duo joined by Yuri Ilmenkov with a guitar, and formed the ensemble: Boris soloist Yuri accompanied on guitar and sang the second voice, Oleg accompanied on the accordion and leading third-party vote. In this composition performed for many years, and after graduation, had already sung their songs on radio and television.
In 1967, as part of creative young people of Leningrad was in the GDR.
B. Poloskin playing seven-stringed guitar. Song wrote in 1956,. primarily on his poetry, as well as poems M. Agashina, A. Azizov, A. Sajaia, H. Konchalovsky, P. Gamzatova, H. Slepakova and other poets. The first song "Taiga".
In recent years, wrote prose. Stories and the novel "Avalanche Tango" published in periodicals
. The winner, tourist tracks I and III All-Union rallies winners tours of places of military glory (Brest, 1965, Leningrad, 1967, the song "Music is waiting"), I All-Union competition of tourist tracks in Moscow in 1965 (the song "What to do with sadness")
. Jury member III-th and X-th Grushinskii festivals, the North-western festivals in Sosnovy Bor. A member of the club song "East" since its inception.
Hobbies - sports tourism, hunting, gardening. USSR Master of Sports Tourism, the judge-Union category, senior instructor Methodist Water Tourism. Honored traveler Russia. Author of a number of methodological work on the technique of Tourism. Conducted transfer "TV Club" Tourist "on the Leningrad television.
Has been released disc "... As the breeze on a field of rye," Tune "(1989), audio cassettes," I love you "and" bark letter "(1997); book, write a song" (2000).


Photo Poloskina Boris Pavlovich

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Poloskin Boris Pavlovich, photo, biography
Poloskin Boris Pavlovich, photo, biography Poloskin Boris Pavlovich  Author and performer., photo, biography
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