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Biography BEGIDZHANOV Vyacheslav E.
photo BEGIDZHANOV Vyacheslav E.
I Begidzhanov Slava, was born March 7, 1944 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 1957 he enrolled in art college, Mr.. Krasnodar in Russia, in 1964 he graduated from Krasnodar Art College. In 1967, the first exhibition was held in Krasnodar. During this period he worked in engineering linocuts. From 1967 to date, regularly participates in art exhibitions in the Soviet Union, Russia, other European countries, as well as in the U.S.. In 1970 he enrolled in 1976 graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Applied Arts - Faculty promgrafiki. In 1976 he was admitted to the Leningrad branch of the Union of Artists.

Major works created over the period from 1967 to 2000:
In 1980 the publishing house "Fiction" (r. Moscow), published the first illustrated my book - "Tales" by Carlo Gozzi, 30 illustrations (gouache, tempera).
In 1982 the publishing house "book" (r. Moscow) published an illustrated book of Francois Villon's "great testament": 30 pictures (gouache, tempera).
In 1983 the publishing house "Fiction" (r. Leningrad) released a picture book "Spanish Poetry" 17 th century, 35 illustrations (ink, pen).
In 1984 the publishing house "book" (r. Moscow) published an illustrated book "The Library in the Garden: The writers of antiquity, the Middle Ages. Revival of the book, 40 illustrations (pencil, paper).
In 2000, the publishing house "Ivan Limbaha in St. Petersburg in the book" Theater of Euripides, 60 illustrations (pencil, paper).

Also I made easel the schedule to book topics:
1973. - Petronius "Satyricon" - 10 stories, 25x25 cm, woodcut.
1974. - Ovid - 5 stories, 10x15 cm. woodcut.
1974. - Edgar Allan Poe 5 subjects, 20x20 cm, woodcut.
1975. - Pushkin A.S. - 10 subjects, 10x15 cm, woodcut.
1975. - John Keats - 5 stories, 15x10 cm, woodcut.
1976. - G. Marquez - 10 stories. 20я-25 cm, woodcut.
1976. - Carlo Gozzi - 20 stories, 80x100 cm, color linocut.
1977. - Walter Scott, 15 subjects, 50x35 cm, color linocut.
1978. - Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita" - 25 stories, 30x45 cm - 5 pieces, 30x20 cm - 20 pieces, woodcut
1979. - Carlo Gozzi - 25 stories. 40x80 cm, gouache color.
1980. - G. Marquez 'One Hundred Years of Solitude "- 15 color etchings, 50x40 cm.
1986. - Dante's "Divine Comedy" - 50 stories, 35x50 cm - 10 pcs., 35я-25 cm - 40 pcs., Pencil, paper:
2000. - Euripides - 60 stories, 50x60 cm, pencil, paper, 1969-2000 gg. - Exlibris - 100 subjects, woodcut.

Besides working in all areas of graphics, in all techniques and sizes. Painting-oil, tempera, watercolors - all sizes. Painting oil on canvas on the thumbnails to the ancient theme of the size 3h40 m.
Since 1980, began working in the field of applied art - tapestry, hand weaving. My tapestries were exhibited in many exhibitions in Russia and in Europe. Total 40 people Tapestry. Among them are made specifically for the interiors:
1983. - Gatchina (a suburb of St. Petersburg, the cultural center), tapestry "Theater" - 3x3 meter:
1985. - R. Gomel. Belarus Republic. Russian Drama Theater. Two tapestry:
"Evil" - 3,5 x5 m, "Welcome" - 3,5 x5 m.
1988-1995,. - R. Moscow, Russia, the building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, lobby and conference room. Sixteen tapestries size - 2,60 x4, 60 meters - on the themes of ancient mythology.
Also at different times and for different interiors were made mosaics, frescoes, reliefs. Published articles on art in newspapers, magazines, the transfer of work on television.
During the period from 1967 to 2000. was involved in 200 exhibitions.
From 1969 to present live and work in St. Petersburg.

Photo Begidzhanova Vyacheslav Eduardovich

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    BEGIDZHANOV Vyacheslav E., photo, biography
    BEGIDZHANOV Vyacheslav E., photo, biography BEGIDZHANOV Vyacheslav E.  Artist., photo, biography
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