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Sirotkin Serafim Pavlovich

( Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, head of the department of political economy Kostroma State Technological University)

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Biography Sirotkin Serafim Pavlovich
photo Sirotkin Serafim Pavlovich
Born in 1925 in g. Kineshma Ivanovo Oblast. Father - Paul Sirotkin Nykyforovych (1883 g. born.). Mother - Anna Sirotkina Nikonorovna (1895 g. born.). Wife - Galina Ulanova (1925. born.).

Received a degree in Economics at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. M.V. University (1948-1953 gg.). After finishing graduate school at Moscow University professor of political economy at the Saratov State University (1956-1962 gg.). Since 1962 he has been working in the Kostroma State Technological University. In 1970 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Economics at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. M.V. University. At present - Professor, Head of Department. Along with teaching work, specializing in political economy "conducting research work on the formation of entrepreneurship in Russia, . its effective functioning and management of labor,
. Provides scientific leadership graduate students and applicants. Over the years the department has prepared a 5 doctors and 35 candidates of economic sciences, including 21 dissertation, specializing in political economy "was protected under his personal leadership. For achievements in scientific and educational work was awarded the Order of "Friendship of Peoples" (1982) and medals, including "For Labor Valor" (1970). For outstanding contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and humanitarian activities in 1991 was marked by a medal named after Vavilov. Decree of the President of Russia, Professor S.P. Sirotkin was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of Russia". Actively participates in social and educational activities. From 1972 to 1996. was chairman of the Kostroma regional society "Knowledge" and a board member of society "Knowledge" of Russia. Since 1996, a board member of Public Council of the Kostroma regional branch of the society "Knowledge". Has published several monographs, including the central publishing houses, on the issue of business. Created a scientific school on the study of this problem. The most significant creative work, . is huge not only personal, . and social achievement, . is the preparation and publication of educational materials for students of higher educational institutions of all specialties - "Economic theory (political economy), . g,
. St. Petersburg, 1997, 20 pp. The workbook is based on the classical theory with its paradigm of labor value, the overcoming of utopias and dogmas of the great economist Karl Marx and taking into account the scientific side of market concepts. Among other published works of Professor S.P. Sirotkina should note the following: "directors' corps and entrepreneurship, . Chapter 1, . Kostroma, . 1995, . PL 7, "Conditions and factors of Russia's business", . Chapter 1, . Kostroma, . 1997, "Development of production collectives", . Moscow, . ed,
. "Thought", 7, PL, "The formation of production teams, Yaroslavl, Upper Volga Prince. ed., 1976, 6 p.l. etc.. In his spare time likes to read classics and good detective stories, like Russian painting. Is an admirer of the talent of the old classics of the Small Theater and the Moscow Art Theater. With irony and regret refers to the transformation of the epithet "great" to anyone, including entertainers like Pugacheva and Kobzon, not to mention football and other. Since the preference applies to the firstborn, and indeed in some cases, a great American and West European singers - E. Piaf, M. Mathieu Hamperdingu and some other. He believes that about opera singers speak now not worth it, because they can not hear, as well as Russian folk choirs. With interest in the ski, especially female. Himself once worked skis, and even now, this passion does not leave: mentally going to ski the second year.

Lives and works in g. Kostroma.
Address: Russia, 156005, g. Kostroma, ul. Dzerzhinsky d. 17, Kostroma State Technological University, chair of political economy.

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Sirotkin Serafim Pavlovich, photo, biography
Sirotkin Serafim Pavlovich, photo, biography Sirotkin Serafim Pavlovich  Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, head of the department of political economy Kostroma State Technological University, photo, biography
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