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Makharadze Konstantin

( People's Artist of Georgia)

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Biography Makharadze Konstantin
photo Makharadze Konstantin
Born on November 17 1926. in a modest family of Georgian intellectuals Ivan Konstantinovich Makharadze and Barbara Antonovich Makharadze-Vekua. His father - a former officer of the Imperial Army until the end of his days (29 April 1956) was an economist in various institutions. Mother - was in charge of the library of Tbilisi first classical school (later the first training school of the exponential). Died in 1970.

KI Makharadze is married and has three children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Other aspirations to devote his life to the art of theater - the profession of the actor, either at school or in a subsequent KI Makharadze was. Very small, in the age of seven, in 1934. - He joined in 1941. graduated with honors from Tbilisi choreographic studio. It first was introduced to the art of the great masters of dance, music, scenography.

In 1944, Mr.. also excellent graduated from high school and enrolled in the Tbilisi Institute of Theatrical Art im.Sh.Rustaveli. Four years later (in 1948), . passing a school of outstanding masters of the stage of People's Artist of USSR Ak.Horava, . George BDT, . Dm.Alekseidze, . was admitted to the Academic Theater im.Sh.Rustaveli, . where 23 years of work, . played nearly 100 roles, . was awarded the first rank of Honored Artist of Georgia (1958), . and then in 1967,
. - People's Artist of the Republic. In the same year was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

In 1970. KI Makharadze joined the Academic Theater im.K.Mardzhanishvili, where multiplied, if not doubled, the number of games played roles. Twice his work has been recognized as the best stage roles. This artist was named laureate im.Mardzhanishvili and Akhmeteli, was awarded the highest civilian award, Georgia 'Order of Honor'. He was awarded an honorary citizen of Tbilisi, Poti, and then

. Among the roles the actor played the most significant are: Julius Fucik (J. Fucik 'Report from a noose around his neck'), . Nachdiv Kikvidze (V. Daraselia 'Song of the Falcon "), . Creon ( 'Antigone'), . Creon ( 'Oedipus Rex'), . Uriel Acosta (Carl Gutzkow 'Uriel Acosta'), . Don Cesar de Bazan ( 'Don Cesar'), . Antonio Terracini (A. Korneichuk 'Memory of the Heart'), . Minden (K. Gamahurdiya 'Mindia Hogaya'), . Andarez (Queer) (Vaja Pshavela 'Bakhtrioni'), . Cassio (W. Shakespeare 'Othello'), . Karenina (Tolstoy "Anna Karenina"), . Baron Munchausen (G. Gorin 'Baron Munchausen'), . Kwacha (M. Javakhishvili 'Kvach Kvachantiradze'), . Matthias Clausen (Hauptmann 'Before Sunset'), . Petruchio ( 'The Taming of the tamer'), . Marquis Posa (F. Schiller 'Don Carlos'), . Laert (W. Shakespeare 'Hamlet'), . Salieri (Schiffer 'Amadeus'), . President (F. Schiller 'Intrigue and Love'), . He (Galman 'Alone with all'), . Oberon (W. Shakespeare 'Midsummer Night's Dream'), . Bartolus (Fletcher 'Spanish priest') and other,

Parallel with the work in the theater Konstantin lived a turbulent life sports. He was captain of the junior team the basketball team of Georgia, in 1945. won the USSR Cup. He was later adopted by the legendary Tbilisi 'Dynamo' and went with her starry life of the celebrated team.

Since 1957, Mr.. began his work as a sports commentator, first Georgian, and then the All-Union Radio and Television. For forty years he reported in two languages (native and Russian) from three Olympics, all - since 1966 - FIFA World Cup, led the coverage of the best matches "Dinamo" (Tbilisi) - in 1964. (Champion of the USSR), paired with unforgettable Erosi Manjgaladze, and that very historic match - in 1981, when Dynamo won the Cup Winners' Cup European countries. This level of KI Makharadze television coverage for 2500 exceeded by 20 sports.

Lives and works in Tbilisi (Georgia).

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Makharadze Konstantin, photo, biography
Makharadze Konstantin, photo, biography Makharadze Konstantin  People's Artist of Georgia, photo, biography
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