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BAI Sy Hung

( Professor, Writer)

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Biography BAI Sy Hung
photo BAI Sy Hung
Born on 17 October 1937. in the ancient capital of China g.Kayfen. Father - Guangzhou Bai (1915 g.rozhd.). Mother - Zhao Yade (1916-1984). Wife - Oе+arowski Olga Stanislavovna (rod.20.12.1936 g.). Children - Bai Sha (Alexei rod.12.12.1964 g.), Bai Ling (Irene, rod.02.01.1974 g.).

After graduating from the Faculty of Philology of Leningrad State University (1956-1961 gg.) Went to China, where in 1961-1963 he. worked as a teacher of history foreign theater and drama in Anhui Art Institute. In 1963, Mr.. passed teacher of Russian literature in Hefeysky Pedagogical Institute, then worked as a senior lecturer, associate professor of Anhui State University (1970-1988 gg.).

In 1988. Bai Syhun became a professor at the Academy of Social Sciences of China, and from October - the leading stylist Publishers APN (News). As a teacher prepared several well-known in China Russists and translator of Russian literature, . which carried out the Chinese translation and publication of collected works of Gogol and Dostoevsky, . as well as many other works of Russian classics and contemporary literature,

Along with teaching and research work involved in literary activities, including as a writer, essayist, critic and translator of literature. As an author, has published numerous scientific papers on the Russian theater, literature. Among them: "Creativity Vampilov" (1980), . "Looking at the modern Soviet comedy" (1981), . "Problems of romanticism in the Soviet literature" (1982), . "On foreign lyrical literature" (1982), . "Modernism in the Soviet literature and the theater" (1983), . "Theater Tairov Theory" (1983), . "Comparative theater and general Theater Studies (1987), . number of articles in the "Great Chinese Encyclopedia" (1995) and others,
. Translated into Chinese and published: "Tom dramatic works" in the "Collected Works of Leo Tolstoy (1989)," Tom dramatic works "in" Complete Works NV Gogol "(1998), A. Arbuzov. Selected pieces "(1983)," A. Vampilov. Plays "(1980)," E.-M. Remark. Three Comrades (1982), "Yu Retheu. Modern Legends "(1988), as well as works Kuprin A. Andreeva, K. Paustovsky, Panova, V. Rozov, A. Volodin, V. Astaf'eva, D. Granik, V. Bykov, E. Evtushenko, V. Shukshin etc.

. As the originator and editor published in the Chinese language the following books: "The library of contemporary Soviet literature" (20 vols., . 1980-1987), . "Selected foreign lyrical prose" (11 min., . 1981-1986), . Correspondence Vladimir Lenin and Gorky "(1981), . "Proletkult,
. Materials and articles "(1983). In Russia, Bai Si Hun translated into Chinese and published three books published by "News": "Soviet literature and art-89" (1990), "Dedication to the Muses" (1990), "9 days in the city on the Neva "(1990)

. He is currently an assistant vice president, . manager for Asia at the International Union of Economists (since 1993), . Adviser to the Bank of China in Russia (since 1995), . Professor, . member of the Audit Committee of the International Business Academy (since 1997), . Chairman of the Chinese communities of Moscow (since 1997),
. Continuing to study and translation of Russian literature. In addition, conducting a comparative study of Russia's economy and finance, and South-East Asia, the editor in favor of the Chinese edition of the Bulletin of Russian Finance for the Bank of China, wrote an essay for the Hong Kong press.

As an expert Bai Syhun working in the field of cultural and economic cooperation between Russia and Asia. Increased understanding and cooperation between our two great peoples and cultures, he believes the mission of his entire life.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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BAI Sy Hung, photo, biography
BAI Sy Hung, photo, biography BAI Sy Hung  Professor, Writer, photo, biography
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