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Biography COOL & JAZZY
photo COOL & JAZZY
We - this is a vocal group "COOL & JAZZY", . which is translated from the language of the descendants of the Apaches (Americans) sounds about as cool and OTVYAZNO ", . the language of ancient Britons - "cool, and Jazz", . Russia and our Aboriginal somehow hear in this title "Merry and tasteful.",

. But how can anyone not treated our name, . it still be right in the main, . because the musical style of "fusion", . we confess, . equally combines virtually all the musical currents, . the only difference, . that most of our tracks are "a cappella", . that we have in Russia, called simply - "without music".,

. "COOL & JAZZY" - a six professional musicians, who studied them in LGU
. Gnesinyh (now the College of Music. Gnesinyh) and GMI them. Gnesinyh (now RMA it. Gnesinyh) here in which the composition:
. Tatiana Pimenov - "pipe", soprano
. Eteri Beriashvili - kukusik, viola
. Elena Lyubimov - "chiki-Poky, viola
. Mark Smirnov - "flavor company, tenor
. Yuri Smirnov - trombone, baritone
. Andrew Tunick - potauych, bass
. As well as the mass of friends and relatives, and just sympathizers, whose list is not enough and the whole sheet.

. Born we suddenly and unexpectedly, even for themselves in November 1994, probably because of the Immaculate Conception
. (Although there are rumors that this made the brothers Smirnov. By the way, you know - they are still brothers.) Boy was clever, industrious and intelligent beyond his years, so several months later played with forty-minute program, obzavedshis unusual for this place called - "COOL & JAZZY"

. Further, - more.
. During the three years from the date of birth, we recorded about 50 original compositions and remixes to the original arrangements, . countless number of commercials on radio "Russian Radio", . Ekho Moskvy, . Radio Russia "Nostalgie", . Auto Radio, . visited with tours and performances in Germany, . Denmark, . Poland, . Lithuania, . Kazakhstan, . Moscow, . -Petersburg, . Novosibirsk, . Kemerovo, . Yekaterinburg, . Almaty, . Krasnoyarsk.,
. As a result of the creative unions were born remixes of "Julia" c "A-Studio", "Wind Knows" with "Bravo", "Rain" with A. Malinin, "Lullaby" with A. Sviridov, "No answer, no greeting" with A. Varum, "White City" with K. Orbakajte
. There were mistakes, a card-we are among the participation in the series "Stairway to Heaven" on RTR channel.

. In July 2001, we won the first international competition of groups a cappella Ward Swingle Awards, held during the festival VoKaL ToTaL in Graz (Austria)
. In July of that year at the invitation of the organizers, we were at a jazz festival in the world's number one in Montreux, where they provided two full concerts to rapturous applause of the audience.
. We are friends and performed together with "Manhattan Transfer" (USA), "New York Voices" (USA), "M-Pact" (USA), "The Real Group" (Sweden) and many others not so well known bands.

. Style, in which we operate, in a word not to name
. This is jazz and jazz-rock, fusion, Latin, pop, folk, classical. We sing in many languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Georgian, Hebrew, Yiddish, and, of course, Russian.
. We have released two albums: the first - "Cool & Jazzy" in 1997, the second "Live" in 1999 and are planning to release two more in 2001-2002: one with Russian songs, the other - from copyright songs

In May 1999, in honor of our five-year anniversary, we organized the first festival in Russia, a cappella groups. The festival took place in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow, where besides us attended our friends: "Quintet Paul Sharomova" from Novosibirsk and the group "Man Sound" from Kiev. At this concert was recorded our album "LIVE".

And if you are a seeker of spirituality and beauty in music, but not averse to moving the individual members of his body, we are, "COOL & JAZZY" - this is what you need. Because of our repertoire is music for all tastes - "The Best of Beatles", the world hits of all time, best jazz theme, Jewish melodies, original compositions, and even a few classics. And all this in our original arrangements.
And now all that remains to you - is to come to our concert, and the rest of their lives to regret that he did not know us before. See you

. With love to you vocal sextet "COOL & JAZZY".

. In July 2001, in Graz (Austria) hosted the first international competition of collectives of a cappella Ward Swingle Awards, held at the annual festival "VoKaL ToTaL", where we won the Grand Prix and first prize

. In the jury were such masters: himself Ward Swingle, . founder and permanent leader of the group "Swingle Singers", . Peter Eldridge of the "New York Voices", . Gary Howard - leader of a very famous in Europe group "Flying Pickets" and leader of the group "VoKaL ToTaL" Mathias Becker,
. The competition was attended by original group from Holland, England, Germany, Austria, Italy. Were also our Ukrainian friends from Kiev - the group "Jazz Impromptu," a few intense two parties "Man Sound".
. Now the degree of this festival offers a collection of our first and hopefully not the last, people.

. Album "Cool & Jazzy"
. Our first album was recorded in an experiment with accompaniment, after which we will forever from him and refused to have only a group of a cappella.

. Teenager
. Your name
. Understand believe
. Moscow
. Night merger moons
. Duet
. Seaman
. Weep
. Snakes
. What a pity
. Kalinka

. Album "Live"
. It was recorded in the Concert Hall
. Tchaikovsky May 25, 1999 during a concert held at the First International festival of a cappella, on the fifth anniversary of "Cool & Jazzy"

. C-Jam Blues
. Brazasia
. "31 of June"
. Gerla
. My Friend
. Sailor
. Moscow
. A day of a fool
. Illes aimment
. Bamir bistu shein (Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen)
. Michelle
. Hava nagila

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  • Cool & Jazzy
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