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John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD)

( Guitarist)

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Biography John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD)
For many years, guitarist John Scofield played in a variety of jazz styles. He was born in Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 26, 1951, his first guitar heroes were Chuck Berry [Chuck Berry], Albert King [Albert King] and BB King [BBKing].

A young man Scofield played rock and roll, the city (urban) blues and rhythm and blues. In the period of training in Boston, at Berklee College of Music, from 1970 to 1973, he studied with Gary Burton [Gary Burton] and Mick Goodrick [Mick Goodrick].

Turning point in the musical life of Scofield is its participation in collective concerts in Krnegi Hall, on the recommendation of Goodrick, in 1974, where he played in a band led by Jerry Malliganom [Gerry Mulligan] and Chet Baker [Chet Baker]. This led to performances and recordings, different stylistic direction, when Scofield joined the jazz-rock group, George Duke [George Duke] and Billy Gobema [Billy Gobham].

Two years later he had a year playing with Barton on the occasion of playing and writing, among others, with Charlie Mingus [Charlie Mingus] (1977), Dzheem MakShennom [Jay McShann] (1977-'78), Ron Carter [Ron Carter ] and Lee Konitz [Lee Konitz].

Scofield brought his own band in 1977, was composed Richie Beyrak [Richie Beirach], George Mraz [George Mraz] and Joe LaBarbera [Joe LaBarbera]. The group toured Europe and the first album as a capital actor Scofield, John Scofield Live. After yet another record in 1978 godts Scofield assembled another remarkable structure in 1980, with Steve Suallou [Steve Swallow] and Adam Nussbaum [Adam Nussbaum]. This group recorded three successful and very important album.

The most significant change in Scofield's career came in 1982, with its entry into the group of Miles Davis [Miles Davis]. Prior to departure of Mike Stern [Mike Stern] in 1983 the group had two guitarists. John recorded and participated in the international tour with Davis

. Since his collaboration with Davis Scofield works include projects with his participation as a leader, . and as guest artist, . demonstrating many styles, . including a remarkable mixture of bop with funk, . blues and country music on electric guitar (his main instrument) and the acoustics, . many musicians, . among them Eddie Harris [Eddie Harris], . Pat Metheny [Pat Metheny], . Joe Loveno [Joe Lovano], . Idris Muhammad [Idris Muhammad], . Bill Frisell [Bill Frisell] and Peter Erskin [Peter Erskine],

. Some records Scofield:

. A Go Go (with Medeski Martin & Wood, Verve, 1997),
. Quiet (orchestral album, which Scofield played on acoustic guitar, Verve, 1996),
. Groove Elation (Blue Note, 1994),
. Hand Jive (with Eddie Harris [Eddie Harris],
. Blue Note (1993),
. Grace Under Pressure (Blue Note, 1991),
. Time On My Hands (Blue Note, 1990),
. Still Warm (Gramavision, 1985),
. Shinola (enja, 1981),
. Rough House (enja, 1978),
. John Scofield Live (enja, 1977)
As a guest artist he recorded on the albums:

You're Under Arrest (with Miles Davis, Columbia, 1984),
Decoy (with Miles Davis, Columbia, 1983-'84),
Star People (with Miles Davis, Columbia, 1982).
(On my own I want to add to this list a wonderful album "I Can See Your House From Here", Blue Note, 1990, recorded a duet with Pat Metheny. Note. interpreter.)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

John Scofield uses the following equipment:

Ibanez AS-200 1981 пЁп+п¦п¦. The basic tool for almost twenty years. A variety of acoustic guitars, Takamine and an old Martin

. Amplifiers:
. MESA BOOGIE MARK I re-release or VICTORIA High Power Twin Amp

. Effects:

. Distortion-RAT Distortion Pedal
. Analog Chorus pedal Ibanez Analog Chorus Pedal (raspberry)
. Equalizer BOSS EQ Pedal
. Quaker DIGITECH Whammy / Wah
. Strings on the Ibanez AS-200 - the firm D'Addario
. .013
. .016
. .022 - Without winding
. .032
. .042
. .052

. Mediators Dunlop Delrin 2mm

Photos of John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD)
  • John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD)

Photos of John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD)
John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD)

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John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD), photo, biography
John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD), photo, biography John Scofield (JOHN SCOFIELD)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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