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Apukhtina Valentina

( Artist)

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Biography Apukhtina Valentina
Born in the town of Sumy in 1941.
In 1960 she graduated from the Lviv school of arts and crafts of. I.I. Trush.
In 1967 graduated from Moscow Arts and Industrial College of. S.G. Ceramics.
Collections where works

Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery,
State Museum of Fine Arts A.S. Pushkin in Moscow,
Far Eastern Art Museum, private collections in Germany.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1987-88 Exhibition of Soviet Medal of art. Helsinki;
1988 1-e creative association MOSH. Rds-vochny Hall Kashirka. Moscow;
1989 Group Exhibition. Artist's House at the Kuznetsk bridge. Moscow;
1989 Group Exhibition. Budapest-Moscow;
1990 Painting on Paper. London;
1990 GTR in the fine arts. Home xy-dozhnika at the Kuznetsk bridge. Moscow;
1990 Origins. Action. Exhibition Among cities, Earthsea. Turkey, Italy, Israel;
1990 The Soviet-British group exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1991 Contemporary Artists - Malevich. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow;
1991 Triennale. Delhi;
1991 Exhibition of medals. Royal Myunst-Cabinet. Stockholm;
1991 ART MIF 2. Moscow international hu-dozhestvennaya Fair. Central-higher tavochny Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1992 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

Interest in the form of increased as osoz-naniya themselves in space. Yes, and I became an artist, perhaps because of an acute sense of rapid-roprehodyaschey beauty, I wanted to keep it, stop a moment, not to let disappear liked and charmed me form. And the form of swallowed me. I floundered for a long time, until it's his sense of vision, a sense of his weight - and this beauty. At the same time a sense of distance - it is at everyone, some form of keep away - close to me, and some hold a respectable distance. So I was not let it close, and I in turn do not let the viewer close to his work. Appearance etsya detachment. It turned out, the beauty can not keep, you can only dip into its stream. Color was about the same. First ocha-tion Carpathians, flower, beautiful devush-Coy. Then the surprise and admiration of the world's masterpieces by great masters both past and present ... And then suddenly it's removal, paint a hundred-if not by themselves, but somehow lined up, there was a desire to transmit not color, and environment - environment of peace and contemplation, where no of violence and aggression, where harmony prevails. Quietness. And all this color. Now enthusiastically working on the conceptual series "Meditation" - I suddenly discovered, elk, that color can be passed even condition of the breath of our.


... Works Valentina Apukhtin "Dialogue", "Mother and Child" of his plane, stressed neob-emnoy composition welcome new plastic-ical formula. Artworks destvuyut actively interact with the environment, "dissect" space, carries it in a centrifugal flow. Object and environment exist as equivalent category of artistic perception. "Flattened" due to plastic rhythm game lines, color spots is rife with air to-hum and the dynamics of space. The technique of papier-mache made easel composition "Dance Shulamith". Material creates the effect of weightlessness Mosti figure underlines the fragility of the forms. Flexible, singing line silhouette conveys how zyaschee-motion dance. Stealing Beauty, an image reinforced by the illusory nature of the mosaic surface of the game, its invoice design, color, dominated by the cold, metallic sheen .... Pletneva

Journal of Decorative Arts ", N 11, 1989;
Journal "Creativity", N 10, 1989;
Catalog "Apukhtina and other. Painting, sculpture, 1989, Moscow.

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Apukhtina Valentina, photo, biography
Apukhtina Valentina, photo, biography Apukhtina Valentina  Artist, photo, biography
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