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GAZHUR Alexander

( Artist)

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Biography GAZHUR Alexander
Born December 26, 1955 in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State University named. M. V. University, Faculty Mehanikomatematichesky. Lives and works in Moscow
. Collections where works
. The works are in museums in Croatia, . France, . Malaysia, . Bulgaria, . Romania, . Italy, as well as in private collections in Russia, . Austria, . Algeria, . Belgium, . Bulgaria, . Canada, . China, . Croatia, . Czech, . Slovakia, . Egypt, . Finland, . France, . Germany, . England, . Greece, . Holland, . Iceland, . Italy, . Japan, . Jordan, . Malaysia, . Morocco, . Poland, . Portugal, . Romania, . Korea, . Spain, . Switzerland, . Tunisia, . United States, . Venezuela, . Yugoslavia,

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1988 'Labyrinth'. Youth Palace. Moscow;
1988 'HU111' exhibition of young Moscow artists. Manege. Moscow;
1988 All-Union Exhibition of works of young artists. Manege. Moscow;
1988 Exhibition of works of young artists of socialist countries. Manege. Moscow;
1988 'Eidos. The idea of plastic and the social '. Youth Palace. Moscow;
1988 'Labyrinth'. Warsaw, Katowice, Poland;
1989 ': up to 33-x'. Youth Palace. Moscow;
1989 'New Art from Moscow'. Hamburg, Hannover, Germany;
1989 'Soviet Avant-garde artists of the 70-80'. Gallery Bodenshats (Bodenshats). Basel, Switzerland;
1989 Auction Hausvedell and Nolte ( "Hauswedell & Nolte"). Hamburg, Germany;
1989 'Avant-garde in Soviet Russia. 1970-1980 gg '. Foundation Vasarely (Vasarely). Aix-en-Provence, Lille, Toulon, France;
1989 'Furmanniy lane'. Warsaw, Poland;
1989 'Outside of the genre'. Moscow, Leningrad;
1989 '10 Soviet artists'. Museum-gallery-center Mimar (Mimara). Zagreb, Croatia;
1990 'Contemporary Russian Art'. Gallery Ulshteynhaus (Ullsteinhouse). Berlin, Germany;
1990 'A small exhibition'. Petrine line. Moscow;
1990 'Contemporary Soviet Painting 80-90s'. Gallery Bodenshats (Bodenshats). Basel, Switzerland;
1990 'Furmanniy lane'. Martigny, Switzerland;
1990 Art Gallery of Prince (Prince art). New York, USA;
1990 'Contemporary Russian Art'. Casablanca, Morocco;
1991 'Russian and Soviet artists 70-80'. Hong Kong, United Kingdom;
1991 'Golden Brush -1'. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1991 Gallery Granovsky (Granovsky). San Francisco, USA;
1991 Central House of Writers. Moscow;
1992 Festival gallery. Honolulu, USA;
1992 'Golden Brush -2'. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1992 Galerie 'Universe'. Moscow;
1992 Art Expo. Los Angeles, USA;
1992 Exhibition at the Parliamentary Center, Moscow;
1993 Art Gallery Linus (Linus art). San Francisco, USA;
1993 'Russia art exhibition'. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1993 Embassy of Armenia. Moscow;
1993 'Artmif-93'. Manege. Moscow;
1993 Art Gallery Karasiva (Karasiva art, Hongkong) and Mimi Fertst (Mimi Ferzt, New-York). Hong Kong, United Kingdom;
1994 Central House of Journalists. Moscow;
1994 Shawnee Art Gallery (Schoeni art). Hong Kong, United Kingdom;
1994 'Paintings and drawings by artists of the USSR. The sixties - eighties'. Firm 'Marcon'. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1995 Rapid Gallery. Prague. Czech Republic;
1995 Exhibition of Russian Artists. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
1996 Exhibition "Surrealism and realism '. Gallery 'Future Classic'. Moscow;
1996 'Masters of modern painting'. International Federation of Artists. Gogol Boulevard. 10. Moscow;
1997 International Biennale of printed graphics. Varna, Bulgaria;
1997 1st International Biennial of small format printed graphics. Cluj, Romania;
1998 'San Giorgio nell'ex libris'. Albenda, Italy;
1998 European ex libris 98. Bratislava, Slovakia;
1998 Taylor Foundation. Paris, France.

Autobiographical notes

The work must be internally tight, taken independently, as the only standing outside a number of product.
Each work reflects a complete independent world and thus overcomes the randomness of human existence.
Painting - medicine.
Philosophical symbolism.


: People in masks walked on crutches, carrying flags, the wind was blowing softly. Still hanging in the air, all rose and flew slowly up, as colorful bubbles, long, unhurried:
. You often see color snyN In the dream everything happens easily, . suddenly, and terribly important: Dreams come from many different times - and prehistoric dreams about terrible lizards, . dinosaurs and diplodocus, and alien dreams - about the different stars, . worlds, . where the sky hangs six moons, green, and the ancient, . There are medieval dreams - about the Knights, . battle, . Fortress and the Crusaders, . who wanted to conquer all the country and throughout the cross put:,
. Alexander Gazhur paints his dreams, and his paintings - the same strange, weightless
. They keep the secret of those unusual sensations that come to us only in dreams. Human figures mixed with ancient emblems, signs, mascots:
Colors in the pictures are bright, juicy - the colors of fresh fruits and vegetables, eggplant, apples, cucumbers and pumpkins. And the picture painted so consider - if you eat juicy salads. So many of them are mixed, and all it has a taste and meaning:

S. Nechiporenko 'Strange artists' Almanac 'Doodle', M., Word, 1990

. : In the works of Alexander Gazhura - and in small parables, . and multicenter, . externally congested compositions, . in rehearsed in detail the unfinished portions of the play, . in the openness of meaning acts and regulations in the symbolic closure of individual, . timeless, . existences, . sadness comes through the imperfection of the world,
All shades of human despair and hope enliven these rough, like a fairground doll, body, those lone flimsy soul. Like a strange number, which is not thought of the equation, they are waiting:

P. K. Mealeanich 'On the Meaning of numbers in painting', a collection of 'Person of the dramatis', Belgrade, 1955.

: in the works of Alexander Gazhura tendency to find faith through denial of the meaninglessness of existence / symbolic surrealism /. 'I believe, because it is absurd' - Kierkegaard.
Semantic antics, the history of philosophy and religion, an attempt to find a link to the contrasts of human life - the characteristics of symbolic surrealism:

E. Drobitsky, C. Shevyakova 'masters of modern painting' directory., M., 1996.


"Art". N2, 1989, "Routes XVIII Moscow Youth" On. Kuskov, p. 12-17;
"Labyrinth", Cocon. 1989, "Der ausweg aus dem" Labyrinth ", W. Patsyukow, p. XXI-XXIV. Hamburg;
Almanac "Doodle". Publishing house "Slovo", 1990, "Strange artists, SW. Nechiporenko, p. 206-207;
Exhibition katalogue. 1989, "10 Soviet Painters", N. Bertol, p. 6.7. Zagreb;
"Vjesnik". 10.12.1989, "Preko trnja do avangarde", M. Sigir, Zagreb;
Catalogue. 1993, "Mimi Ferzt Gallery", G. Krampf, p. 1.2. New-York;
Catalog. 1996, "Masters of Modern Painting", C. Shvyakova, E. Drobitsky page. 2-4;
"Art". Publisher Four Arts ", 1994., Introductory article" Paintings and drawings by artists of the USSR. The sixties - eighties, Mr.. Elshevskaya, p.. 12-17.

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  • Inna Sekkat for GAZHUR Alexander
  • Dear Alexander! In 1990 in Morocco in Casablanca provodilas exhibition vaschih kartin.Chastny collector bought 6 vaschih proizvedeniy.Ne could I write a bi vi, . how he can get a certificate of authenticity etih kartin.S Sincerely, Inna,
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    GAZHUR Alexander, photo, biography
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