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GUDIEV Ruslan Nikolaevich

( Artist)

Comments for GUDIEV Ruslan Nikolaevich
Biography GUDIEV Ruslan Nikolaevich
1944 born in the village of Kobi, Georgian SSR
1959-62 studied at the Art School in Tskhinvali
1964-65 studied at the Leningrad Higher School of Industrial Art of. VI Mukhina
. 1968-83 worked as a musician in Moskontsert
. Collections where works
. Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow
. Consulate of Chile, Moscow
. Collection of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
. Private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Norway
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1990 Gallery "Hermitage"
. Contemporary Art Center, Moscow


1990 "ART MIF 1. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1991 "Abstract Painting". Profsoyuznaya st., Q. 100, Moscow
Modern artists - Malevich. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"ART MIF 2". Manege, Moscow
1992 "Moscow Troopers". Festival of contemporary art of Russia. Helsinki, Finland
1993 Graphics. Art Agency Hermitage. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Russian Graphic Art". Museum of Fine Arts, Ankara, Turkey
"Postmodernism and national traditions". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow "ART MIF 3". Manege, Moscow
"Ideal City. Trends in Contemporary Russian Art ". National Museum, Singapore
"8 Kunstler aus Moskau". Walter Bischoff Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany
1994 "The abstract graphics". Museum of Fine Arts, Eagle
. Criticism
. In the work of Ruslana Gudieva was supposed that its ups and downs, . marked transitions from one style to another: the first was, . figuratively speaking, . impressionichesky, . second - in the spirit of European Transavantgarde and now, . last, . third - abstract expressionism,
. And if the first two period understandable in origin, . is already present less, . as in the Moscow School of Painting, . belongs Gudiev, . there was no tradition of abstract expressionism, . and creativity of its founder Vasily Kandinsky, . is known, . a long time, carefully hushed up,
. In the art of the twentieth century abstract expressionism came to life more than once, the dotted line passing through the whole history of its development and since 1950-60-ies already was a certain artistic tradition, so much to the U.S. and some European countries. Creativity Gudieva signals us that it finds during its adherents and in Moscow.
. Large monochrome compositions Gudieva built on a combination of large destructive scenic spots, sometimes they can cause some visual association with the real world, . whether the trunks of trees or waves in the sea, . but in general they are free from direct analogies and only indirectly connected with reality,
. However, this relationship, . certainly, . there, . albeit at a different level, because the beauty of forms, . that seem to be in and of themselves are abstract in nature, . whether the stones on the shore, . variable clouds or shells, . may provoke a similar, . as in the work Ruslana Gudieva, . approach to the picturesque interpretations,
. It is equally important that these forms were filled with great temperament, so that they themselves seem to be charged with energy.
In essence, a Gudieva "landscape" view of the world, as well as allusions to industrial motifs in these compositions is not found. This art is cleared to take the modern urban civilization, it tends to go into pre-historic or post-historical consciousness, when the world is full of characters and essentially unknowable. The prehistoric and resembles an artist's palette, which is quite rightly brings to mind the colors of ancient masters Paleolithic and Neolithic: a black, white, red and ocher. And it paints the land in its pristine environment, where the chaos of creation has just been completed, but it is full of signs and colors appear almost life: green and yellow. There is no differentiated plans, all forms in its original sense, that is, form as such, and they are equal area, there's no major or minor. The bill has just separated from matter, as it is not yet promising. However, recall and other things that are black, violet and ocher - the spiritual stronghold of the palette, these colors internally transcendent. Thus, different associations, different thoughts and feelings ... This happens a modern painting.
Creativity Gudieva - many melodies and variations. This is understandable, since no less time than painting, he gave his passion for music.

V. Turchin

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GUDIEV Ruslan Nikolaevich, photo, biography
GUDIEV Ruslan Nikolaevich, photo, biography GUDIEV Ruslan Nikolaevich  Artist, photo, biography
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