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Ilinskij Catherine B.

( Artist)

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Biography Ilinskij Catherine B.
Catherine Il'inskaya early to start drawing.
C three years of age considers himself an artist.
In 1983. graduated Correspondence National University of Arts, Department of easel painting and graphics at the same time she studied with master icon painter Alexander Lyakin.
B now writes and restores the icons for the Orthodox churches and individuals
. He teaches "The Icon and the basis of iconography together with her husband, Vyacheslav Volkov, in absentia National University of Arts.
. In 1997 Russia was awarded the medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow"
. Collections where works
. Works are in the central church of Moscow,
. in the central cathedral g
. Yoshkar-Ola,
and in the churches of Ivanovo region.
In private collections, including the mayor, Mr.. Moscow SE. M. Luzhkov, as well as in private collections in Germany, the USA, Canada and others. Countries.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1997 Gift Anniversary of Moscow. Small arena. Moscow;
1997 Souvenir, food products and printed products to the 850 anniversary of Moscow. Building Mayor. Moscow;
1997 Moscow debut. All-Russia Exhibition Center. Culture Pavilion. Moscow;
1997 book and the Orthodox church art. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow;
1998 Exhibition "Women on the Threshold of XXI Century". REC. Moscow;
1998 Rozhdestvennskie reading. Parliamentary Center on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

The icon is the Word of God. It transforms our souls and opens a new world and connect with the saints.

His creativity Catherine Elias dedicated iconography and restoration of icons. It is revealed as a man who had learned the secrets for certain trades and constantly working to improve craftsmanship. Through contact with the ancient monuments, Catherine's work uses the thousand-year experience and traditions of Russian icon painting. With such a solid foundation in conjunction with their own talent, she creates beautiful works, full of life. Icons painted by Catherine, striking force of their spirituality. As anyone who attentively considers them, wake up the best human qualities.
. In writing these wonderful images it collects over many years of restoration and archiving photos and sketches from ancient samples, the former in her work
. This rich archive of interesting to make an invaluable contribution to the study and preservation of our heritage.
Deserves much attention to the work carried out by Catherine in the preservation and restoration of ancient monuments of Russian culture. With a deep knowledge of iconographic traditions, canons, artistic talent and skill restorer, is given new life rarely works that are important in our culture. The icons have been restored Catherine, do not lose their ancient charm and originality. She feels fine style of work and, . adopting the style of the author's letter to the authenticity of recreating the lost fragments, . are so organically fused with the main monument, . that later they can be detected only through photographs made before restoration.,
. Currently Catherine lot of attention to the family icon, with the elected members of the holy family
. The tradition of family icons is centuries old, joins the family, strengthens ancestral roots, spiritual enrichment of human. I would like to see in the near future, such an icon in every home - and in this wonderful revival of spirituality to participate Catherine and all the members of its creative studio.
. The significant role of Catherine Elijah - the master icon painter and restorer in the preservation of our spiritual heritage and the restoration of Moscow as the capital of the Orthodox


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Magazine "Science and Religion", N5, 1997, p. 27, 33;
Magazine "The truth and the life", N11, 1997, a reproduction of the cover.
Elijah E., Volkov. "Icon", the magazine "Arts Council", N1, 1998.

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Ilinskij Catherine B., photo, biography
Ilinskij Catherine B., photo, biography Ilinskij Catherine B.  Artist, photo, biography
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