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Kurmaz Svetlana

( Artist)

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Biography Kurmaz Svetlana
Born in 1962 in Krasnodar.
She graduated from the art-graphic faculty of the University of Kuban.
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists (MOSH).

Collections where works

Works are in the Krasnodar Museum of Art. Kovalenko
Krasnodar Exhibition Hall,
Ministry of Culture of Russia,
collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art "M` ARS,
in private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, Britain, United States, Israel, Turkey, Japan, Switzerland.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1991 "37 pictures". Gallery M `ARS. Moscow;
1992 "48 pictures". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1993 "Meeting". Together with E. Cabassi, (Italy). Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1993 Group exhibition in Cambridge. England. (The winner, "Libera l` idea ". Municipal Art Gallery, Mr.. Florence (Italy);
1994 Personal exhibition. Gallery "L` imagine ". Florence;
1994 Exhibition with A. Soht. Center G. Ladira. Florence;
1995 Personal exhibition. Gallery "Haus der Begeghung". Munich;
1995 "Russian Collection. Gallery M `ARS;
1996 Exhibition "Gallery in the Gallery". Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

"... The world is beautiful and amazing, safe and harmonious, spiritualized and expedient. All you need to know there are people around him. Symbolic nature. "Against" the law of universal. In the spirited nature and art, music, architecture, mathematics, languages. Maybe they are - and have an informed voice of nature.
See, feel, understand what he saw with his whole being, read the secret letters of nature, turned into eternity ... able to express it on canvas - in the form, image, rhythm, color, pictorial surface. Perhaps this is precisely expressed my kontseptsiyaN feature of my approach to tvorchestvuN In any case, whenever possible - there is a picture. And here lies the mystery and magic of painting.
After all, the reason can be anything - any set of circumstances, random experiences and emotions, sounds, rhythms, light and color. And God knows knows what else! But suddenly (always surprise) all the stops, in deep silence, there zvukN And can - and not zvukN Perhaps it - the road to the picture, whose presence I feel!
. Then begins an internal search for a clear image
. This is inextricably linked with the rhythm, the ratio of parts and whole, plastics (the information is in all). And, of course - color! Coloring, great relationships, life colors in every piece of surface ...
... As a rule pattern is called under the name of the object image. For example: "Landscape with red trees". I do not know whether there somewhere on earth are trees, hills, water and sky. After all this - through color, rhythm, plasticity, sensory surface of the canvas - in order to once again speak about love. And then not so important that it represented - trees, mountains, people, birds, water, wine, fruit!
Painting is very similar to Love. And that many have long tried to explain to the different points of view, but have not explained. This is still a mystery. We know only one thing - that of love is born perfect.

... Hungry for the sensuous and plastically tangible way our 90-ies in this painting "really need".

From the article "Two of the artist, the exhibition catalog" Meeting ", 1993
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Kurmaz Svetlana, photo, biography
Kurmaz Svetlana, photo, biography Kurmaz Svetlana  Artist, photo, biography
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