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Catherine NESTEROVA Veniaminovna

( Artist)

Comments for Catherine NESTEROVA Veniaminovna
Biography Catherine NESTEROVA Veniaminovna
Born in 1962 in Moscow.
In 1984 he graduated from Moscow hudozhzhestvenno Industrial College of. S.G. Ceramics.
Since 1985 participates in exhibitions.
Collections where works

Works are in the State of historical and architectural, artistic and landscape museum-reserve "Tsarina"
Ministry of Culture of Russia,
Union of Artists of Russia,
private collections.
Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1989 Positions. Group Exhibition of Young Artists. Moscow;
1990 Positions. International youth h Screensavers. Gallery "Am Fishmarkt". Erfurt. Germany;
1991 Art Textiles-90. Gallery F-15. Moss (Norway), Russian Gallery (David Harrington), London;
1991 Personal exhibition. The editorial board of "Decorative Art". Moscow;
1992 Textiles from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Gallery "Raisa". Erfurt. Germany;
1993 Textiles. Gallery of textile art Stuttgart, Germany;
1993 White Nights. International Symposium on Textiles. St. Petersburg;
1993 contrary to each other - Russian and Rhine textile art. Handverkkamer. Cologne. Germany;
1993 One Day in Europe. International Exhibition pichvork. De Chatou Chassis. France;
1993 Golden Autumn. International Exhibition of Textile. All-Russia museum of ornamental but, applied and folk art. Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition. All-Russia mu-bonds crafts and folk art. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

Engaged in industrial, monumental and easel textiles. Retained tapestries for interiors of the Moscow theater, spa hotel in g. Sochi (curtains), the Central Children's Bible theca in Moscow, as well as tapestries for the Permanent Mission in Vienna. My easel creative permanent establishment in the main objective, it has mainly represented by animals, vehicles, buildings, as well as classic texts (Lermontov and others).


... There is in her tapestries the perfect simplicity of whether children's sleep, whether dreams. This attractive. Generally sensually attractive bright coat and all that because it is woven. And some irony in these tapestries is, it does not interfere with joy, but does not melt.
And you forget that the window is really not the birds and the moon in the clouds, and everything in general is not without Idylls. And it even seems that children dream, that's such a color, do not see.
Kate herself said that her work is two things - a love for animals and horror of life. Love them really visible, but no horror at all. Apparently, he goes somewhere in the process of weaving, in this ancient and leisurely occupation.
The brightness of colors, simple composition, slightly stylized figure of a clean and simple plot, simple-hearted admiration for the beauty of the world, which is already there. I think it's all tired and need a man to charm. And if you want to cast a spell, you have to think it is. Katia is not invented, it is obtained from nature, naturally.

A. Kabanov


S. Bazazyants Panorama young ", Journal of Decorative Arts", N4, 1987;
Catalog of the exhibition of young artists "Positions", 1989, Moscow-Erfurt;
L. Kramarenko "Moscow tapestry", Journal of Decorative Arts ", N8, 1990;
About. Kabanova Katya Nesterov ", Journal of Decorative Arts", N1, 1991;
Introductory article Uvarova, the catalog of the exhibition "Textiles of Moscow and St. Petersburg,
Gallery Raisa, 1992, Erfurt, Germany;
Inaugural Article A. Tarkhanova, catalog, Faces Gallery Raisa, 1993, Erfurt, Germany.

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Catherine NESTEROVA Veniaminovna, photo, biography
Catherine NESTEROVA Veniaminovna, photo, biography Catherine NESTEROVA Veniaminovna  Artist, photo, biography
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