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Nechayeva Pauline

( Artist)

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Biography Nechayeva Pauline
Born January 16, 1972 in Moscow.
In 1989 she graduated from art school district Krasnopresnensky g. Moscow.
In 1994 she graduated from the Moscow External University for the Humanities art, with MA degree. Specialization - Contemporary art, design, art texnotronical. From 1990 to 1993 worked as a designer in the Laboratory of TCO and ITV of Moscow State University. University.
C 1995-1997 - member of the advertising department a major trading firm.
1998 - Officer PR department of International Investment Company.

Collections where works

Works are in private collections in Russia, the United States and Poland.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

2001 'Strange things'. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2001 'Art Club Gallery'. Exhibition of Moscow Artists. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2001 'Summer-Autumn'. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2002 'Art Club Gallery'. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2002 'Winter Rainbow'. Gallery Stork. Moscow;
Several personal corporate exhibitions.
Autobiographical notes

At the moment I have divided their work into four types:
1) Black and white graphics, which I try to use the visual properties of black and white photography and computer graphics.
2) Metamorphosis, where I became interested in the problem of motion in the traditional art. I have carefully studied the problem of rhythm, changing the proportions and surface anatomy in the works of painters, from the viewpoint of motion. But at the same time, I add a decorative and ornamentarnye elements that, in my opinion, helps to increase the speed, which is typical for 20 and 21 century, with their rhythm of life. Also, the problem of transfer reactions in the traditional art that is much easier to convey by means of computer technology, but nevertheless, in painting and drawing it into a fascinating experiment that can not continue indefinitely. This, of course, participate in and receive video art special effects and influence of modern cinema and video clips, where the fantasy of the artist and designer almost no limits.
3) From the first two types of stem theatrical compositions, which reflect the impressions received from the theatrical and pop art, disco and pop culture and fashion shows, as well as
4) Decorative composition.
I always subconsciously go out beyond a single style. To create art ambiguous way I connect the flat and dimensional, graphic and impressionist, abstract and figurative, etc.. This is due to the fact that I try to convey the rapid succession of impressions of the modern world, so in some of my works develop multiple storylines. Transformations, fly, winged figures, watches as a symbol of time, and necessary attribute of modern life, transmit transience of the moment, its swiftness and beauty. I use and in their processed visual features photographs, animation, video art and computer graphics. Thus, I create my harmonic space, which incorporates all the diversity of the modern world and interpret its.
At the moment, the objects of my image-extravagant men and women, lovers, unusual animals, birds and insects, which live among the plants and whimsical music.

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Nechayeva Pauline, photo, biography
Nechayeva Pauline, photo, biography Nechayeva Pauline  Artist, photo, biography
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