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AMAN Nikolai

( Russian composer)

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Biography AMAN Nikolai
Russian composer, cast more than hope, but soon dead. Born in St. Petersburg in 1872, died in Yalta in 1904. Musical talent is discovered early, acted in concert as a pianist as early as age 11. A. first took piano lessons with Nikolai Dubasova, and in 1890 he enrolled in St. Petersburg. Conservatory in the class of Professor Stein's doing at the same time in harmony class of Professor A. Liadov. In 1893 he enrolled in the class composition of the theory of Professor H. Rimsky-Korsakov. For piano, he has not enough time, and he crossed in the same year, the death of Stein, a professor in the class Yesipova, had to leave him. In 1900 he graduated from the conservatory, had previously won the award as a composer, at the competition Petersburg. Chamber Music Society for his bow trio (D-moll). Lessons, . that he had to make due to lack of funds for life, . and enhanced training in the conservatory, . especially in the last year, . when he wrote the examination cantata "Paradise and the Peri", . shattered his already weak, . predisposed to consumption, body,
. He went to Italy, but the hot climate worsened his health. In Italy, A. received cordially; firm Ricordi (Milan) published three of his piano pieces. In 1902 A. settled in Yalta. Since graduating from the conservatory, he received material assistance from the patron Stamp. Belyaev (see), published in the same time, and his works. They performed in symphonic and chamber concerts in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia and always with success. In 1903 he received the award for the choir and capella: "tends to laziness" of the Moscow Russian Choral Society. In these last two years of his life he wrote, among other things, a cantata in honor of the anniversary of Glinka, performed in Yalta after his death. During the life of its symphony orchestra of the Life Guards regiment, who played in the park, were performed three piano pieces orchestrated. A. wrote little. In addition to trio, . cantatas and orchestral overtures, . written in the Conservatory, . reworked in 1904 and executed in Yalta on the day of the funeral of the author, . published his songs and small vocal pieces, . as well as piano pieces, . only 15 opus'ov, . last 6 of which were published by Jurgenson, . including beautiful, . imbued with a sincere religious feeling of a passage from "John of Damascus" Count Alexei Tolstoy, . Ballade for bass - "Borodino" (Lermontov), and "Album for the Young People" - 12 pieces medium difficulty, . very fine,
. - Works AG, except solid technical training, discover talent, not had time yet to turn around and is heavily influenced mainly by Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, but nice and its immediacy and freshness. His melody is flexible and intimate, the harmony is clear, elegant style and form. - Actual information about his life sm. in "Russian Musical Gazette" in 1904.

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AMAN Nikolai, photo, biography
AMAN Nikolai, photo, biography AMAN Nikolai  Russian composer, photo, biography
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