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Bobrikov Nikolai Ivanovich

( adjutant general and statesman)

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Biography Bobrikov Nikolai Ivanovich
(1839 - 1904). He graduated from the course at the Academy of General Staff, in 1884 - 1894 he was the Chief of Staff of troops the Guard and the St. Petersburg Military District, from 1898. Finnish Governor-General. In appointing the Governor-General, he gave the Emperor a note which outlined a program of activities in Finland. Its main points: the union army, . abolition or restriction of the values, State Secretariat, . legitimize special order cases, . general of the Empire and the Grand Duchy, . introduction of Russian language in the Senate, . educational institutions and administration, . facilitate Russian entry on duty in Finland, . establishing oversight for the university and the revision of textbooks of all Finnish schools, . abolition of the special customs and coins, . basis of Russian government newspaper, . simplification of the ceremonial opening of the Diet and the revision of the provisions of the governor-general of the Grand Duchy, . published in 1812,
. This program Bobrikov conducted with great consistency, harsh and total disregard of the existing constitution in Finland. February 3, 1899, Mr.. held a manifesto on the order of the publication of general state laws, in 1901. abolished the autonomous Finnish army, in clerical work of the Senate entered the Russian language, is based "The Finnish newspaper, educational institutions placed under the watchful supervision, a number of teachers eliminated and t. d. Bobrikov armed themselves against the Swedes in Finland and, . and Finns, only starofinnomanskoy party, he found some willingness to go to meet him, so it was a starofinnomanov he made a new Senate in place of the dismissed, and they also substituted for vacant positions, but, . even in their ranks, he is not seen full sympathy,
. With good reason he wrote in one of his note: "representatives of Russian authorities in the province strongly not to rely on here, . no one to confide in, all institutions and the educated classes form of a solid wall against the most natural and fair Russian claims ",
. Bobrikov severely persecuted newspapers, many destroyed, in 1902. He sought special powers and on the basis of their sent abroad in the administrative order (so far in Finland does not exist) of many public figures, but all this did not help. Bobrikov tried some of the measures in favor of landless torparey, as well as famine relief, tied to a lower classes of the people, but in its democracy no one believed, and these measures were unsuccessful. In Russia, he had a firm foothold in VK. Plehve and supporters obrusitelnoy policies ( "New Times," Moscow News ", etc.). June 3, 1904, Mr.. Bobrikov was mortally wounded in the building of the Senate Eugene Schoeman, son of former senator, on the spot shot himself. - See. M. Borodkin, "In memory of the Finnish Governor-General H. I. B. "(Kharkiv, 1905). V. Vodovozov.

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Bobrikov Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Bobrikov Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Bobrikov Nikolai Ivanovich  adjutant general and statesman, photo, biography
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