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Bobrowski Paul Osipovich

( Writer, Senator, General of Infantry)

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Biography Bobrowski Paul Osipovich
(1832 - 1905)
Educated in Polotsk cadet corps and military academy. Serving in Vilna, was a statistical description of Grodno province. Written examination: "Military Law in Russia under Peter the Great" (St. Petersburg, 1882 - 1898) and the history of regiments Life Erevan (Butyrsky) and the Transfiguration. He was head of several cadet schools and over 18 years of military Academy of Law. The first of his works is called a comprehensive treatise on the forces of Western Europe in the XVI and XVII centuries and a very interesting description of the organization, composition and condition of the Russian army during the same time. In addition to these specific, fully completed and independent research, "Martial Law" contains a detailed analysis of the "Item number of the military, showing sources of origin and content of the first legislature of the monument of the new Russia. Head of the sources "Item number of the military" contains many of the instructions for and understanding of creative work of Peter, . which is not limited copying of western systematic samples, . but introduced at the, . that he borrowed from them, . many peculiar, . independent innovations and additions, . outlined his characteristic figurative language,
. In the same chapter Bobrovskii examines a number of military and criminal collections. Between them especially remarkable collection of Frederick Fleming: "Der Vollkommene Teutsche soldat", . 1722, . in which the idea is the relationship of primary school with a successful device, a military unit in the country, . former theoretical basis of the practical results, . which was expressed in the famous phrase: France in 1870 - 1871 g,
. "won the German school teacher". Story of two regiments - the extensive writings in 11 volumes, abounding everyday pictures, . ethnographic data and historical essays, . they represent the narrative, . alien dithyrambs and conditional enthusiasm and, . however, . rich in material, . many of whom extracted Bobrovskii field,
. Being in 1875. led the military-legal academy, Bobrowski held in 1878. its conversion and in general did much to move zaedennoy routine of school in the scientific and educational institutions, relevant to contemporary needs of knowledge. He has invited its member lawyers like Nekludov and Kavelin, and dedicated to her best years of his life. In the early nineties, he was appointed a senator and attended until his death in the judicial department of the Senate, leaving its trained for literary studies. Military Law Academy elected him an honorary member. In addition to the marked essay, . Bobrovsky owns a number of other military law, . on military statistics and history and church history: "cadet school" (St. Petersburg, . 1872 - 1876), "The Origin of Article military and processes the image of Peter the Great by statute to military in 1716" (St. Petersburg, . 1881), "Russian Greek Uniate church in the reign of Emperor Alexander I" (St. Petersburg, . 1889); "Michael Kirillovich Bobrowski" ( "Russian Antiquities", . 1889) and others,
. A. F. K.

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Bobrowski Paul Osipovich, photo, biography
Bobrowski Paul Osipovich, photo, biography Bobrowski Paul Osipovich  Writer, Senator, General of Infantry, photo, biography
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