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Gordeenko Egor Stepanovich

( professor and prominent public figure)

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Biography Gordeenko Egor Stepanovich
Born in 1812. G. Akhtyrka, Kharkiv province. He was educated in the Kharkov school and university, where he graduated from the course on the medical faculty. Was prepared to engage faculty in Berlin and Paris. In Kharkov, educational support agencies, . so necessary for the chemist, . were then in a sad state (chemical laboratory, . example, . needed to alter in cookery tutor, . Gordeenko more than a year and had to produce chemical work on the kitchen stove),
. Some scientific papers did not meet Gordeenko, so he turned to the works that could be practically useful results for the edge. He goes on Slavic salt lakes, analyzes and publishes the first scientific description of them. In Kharkov, he puts the beginning of a new industry, a device factory of artificial mineral waters (1843). Activism Gordeenko fully merges with the reforms of the past reign. In 1858, Mr.. Gordeenko was elected deputy from the nobility, and at the same time was a note on the need for a public and transparent trial. In 1859, Mr.. He was elected chairman of the commission to verify the action of the special duties zemstvo presence, has opened many riots and made a report on the necessity of organizing economic affairs of the province on the basis of local self-government. Gordeenko, so long aspired to what was given to rural and judicial reforms of 1864. After the liberation of the peasants, he was a member of the province of Peasant Affairs, with the opening zemstvos was elected chairman of the Kharkov county rural council, with the introduction of a policeman (in 1870) took over as mayor of Kharkov,
. Consisting vowel in zemstvos and Duma, Gordeenko ever filed opinions on various issues, which have been published in journals of meetings; particularly insistent he talked about the abuses at the Kursk-Kharkov-Azov railway. Memorial is a speech delivered by him in Kharkov provincial Zemstvo meeting at the treatment of the Government, in 1878, to "social promotion". In 1879 - 81 years Gordeenko was a member of the commission of Count Baranoff to study the railways in Russia, and in 1881. - One of the following people, called to discuss various issues of the regular. From literary works Gordeenko - "Analysis of the Slavic Water" published in the "Military-Medical Journal," 40-ies; articles about everyday life of peasants, . emerged from serfdom, . appeared in the Journal of Agricultural improvement; in the Journal Europe published an article about a real education, . about the device technological institute in Kharkov, . the fate of grammar schools,
. Separately issued: 1) "The situation in agriculture and Zemstvo in Kharkov province", 2) "The present situation of the nobility of tenure", 3) "Kharkiv City Municipality", 4) on measures to bring order to the Kursk-Kharkov-Azov railway ",
. Find in the manuscript, two large labor: 1) "History of Kharkiv zemstvos over 25 years of its existence, and 2)" Memoirs ". Died in 1897. D. B.

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Gordeenko Egor Stepanovich, photo, biography
Gordeenko Egor Stepanovich, photo, biography Gordeenko Egor Stepanovich  professor and prominent public figure, photo, biography
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