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Damascus (Dimitry Semenov Rudnev)

( scholar bishop, who was educated in Moscow Slavo-Greco-Latin Academy)

Comments for Damascus (Dimitry Semenov Rudnev)
Biography Damascus (Dimitry Semenov Rudnev)
(1737 - 1795) - scientist Bishop, who was educated in Moscow Slavo-Greco-Latin Academy. In 1766, Mr.. He volunteered to be an inspector with the seminarians, who went to the University of Gottingen, and with them, listened to the lectures. To some extent, he mastered the general spirit and direction of the University of Gottingen, and noted for their independence in the judgments of the church and clergy. During his stay in GцTttingen, Damascus translated into German oldest part Nestorovoy Chronicle. Returning to St. Petersburg and became a professor of philology and church history, then was appointed professor of philosophy in the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy. He was rector of the Academy and the Archimandrite of the Epiphany Monastery. In 1782, Mr.. Damascus - Bishop Sevsk, from 1783 to 1794, Mr.. - Bishop of Nizhny Novgorod. In Nizhny Novgorod Damascus was concerned about the treatment of infidels, increased the number of seminary teaching. Was famous as a preacher, . and in their sermons often touched on social issues, among other things, . He expressed the opinion, . that the salvation of society is to educate the mind and the development of the moral sense, . and that placement in public life began to truth and goodness must, . that the authorities abandoned the view of the ignorance of the masses, . as the best means to manage,
. Publication of essays University, made Damascus (Moscow, 1778), the scientific methods surpasses both old and later editions, except edition MI. Sukhomlinov. Bibliographic labor Damascus Library Russia, or information about all the books in Russia since the beginning of printing in the light emerged "printed in" Ancient Texts "(St. Petersburg, 1881). The writing is embracing the time from 1518 to 1785. and it is very important for the Russian bibliography, especially the XVII and XVIII centuries, as on the orders of books, which were kept at that time in the libraries of the Synod, typographical and other, and on the observations of the author. List of books prefaced by a general characteristic of Russian literature and education. The history of literature or writing Damascus merges with the history of education and divide it into 3 periods: from Vladimir to Ivan the Terrible, from the beginning of printing until the introduction of civil font and font size from the introduction of civil. Review of Russian literature Damascus brings to the XVI century, the living and bold colors, he paints a mental state of Russia at that time and degree of participation of the clergy in educating Russian society and the people. Damascus has issued a treatise on the procession of Theophanes Prokopovich Holy Spirit (Gotha, . 1772), . which has made many valuable comments, . Index of literature question and a brief biography of Theophanes (unknown author), . which still serves as a source of information about Feofan and is known in our literature by the name of the Gotha,
. - See. MI. Sukhomlinov "History of Russia's Academy" (Part I, St. Petersburg, 1874); I. Gorozhansky "DS. Rudnev "(Kiev, 1904).

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Damascus (Dimitry Semenov Rudnev), photo, biography
Damascus (Dimitry Semenov Rudnev), photo, biography Damascus (Dimitry Semenov Rudnev)  scholar bishop, who was educated in Moscow Slavo-Greco-Latin Academy, photo, biography
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