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Valentina Dmitrieva Iovovna

( Famous writer)

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Biography Valentina Dmitrieva Iovovna
Born in 1859, Mr.. a peasant family, she studied at the medical courses in St. Petersburg, was awarded a doctor, but in practice almost no. In an interesting autobiography, published in "Compendium on the memory of female students, Dmitrieva gives a rather bleak picture of his childhood. "I was the oldest and therefore had to help her mother in her work and worry. My help comes mainly consisted of nyancheni my little brothers, and for several years, I remember myself not only as holding a baby ... It is difficult to easily achieved, and years teaching, . but it did not shake the inherent Dmitrieva optimistic attitude towards life and her memories of the characteristic ending for her opinion: "I consider myself very lucky: the path of life before I met so many wonderful good people, . that one memory of them in the most difficult moments of my life supports me in good spirits, . and no troubles, . any failure can not shake the faith in me in person ..,
. Cheerfulness and bright idealism can be clearly traced through the writings and Dmitrieva. All her characters have a rich store of spirits, all are "looking for another life", not content with the gray reality. Dmitrieva first story was published in 1880. Since then she has written more than 60 works, among which there are great stories and novels. According to Dmitriev fertility can be compared only with Khvoshchinski or Eliza Ozheshko. Rodney Dmitriev with them and the basic human dimension to her creativity. In deep devotion to the best precepts of Russian literature and organic public Dmitriev - writer typically Russian. Early works Dmitrieva portray people's life: the people depicted in them with great good will, but without the extreme idealization. Subsequently, she was receptive to the city, being interested mainly working people. General themes and subjects from Dmitrieva extremely diverse: it is not focused exclusively on the analysis of love and family relationships, and responds to various aspects of life. Women's nature of its impact except in one - the more loving portrayal of female characters compared with men, among her heroines (especially peasant women) come across some very interesting, . obviously close to the author, all of this - bright personality, . intellect and character are not inferior to men, . successfully allow for a "women's issue" in practice (Spiridoniha in the story "Ahmetkina wife" and a check to the "buzzing bee"),
. "Life is complicated, but it should be treated just" - the words of one of the heroes Dmitrieva can serve as an epigraph to her creativity in general. The main positive feature works Dmitrieva - healthy and expressive objectivity, but from here and some of their disadvantage: the lack of depth and coldness. No mysteries, no problems, no special zigzags psychology in her work is not: it is too easy. Dignity Dmitrieva - purely fictional nature of her talent. She describes, and shows, gives a real picture, draws lively story, humor, the good-natured, the angry, sometimes colored by the bias. Dmitrieva writer of the old realist school, the manner of the letter she is closest to Turgenev. Much of the early works of folk life Dmitrieva published separately, in addition, in some editions of the novel is "Chervonny Farm" and three at different times emerged volumes of her stories. Complete Collection of works yet. E. Koltonovskaya.

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Valentina Dmitrieva Iovovna, photo, biography
Valentina Dmitrieva Iovovna, photo, biography Valentina Dmitrieva Iovovna  Famous writer, photo, biography
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