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Dyakonov Mikhail

( historian of Russian Law)

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Biography Dyakonov Mikhail
photo Dyakonov Mikhail
Born December 31, 1855, Mr.. Graduated from the Faculty of St. Petersburg University. He was an assistant professor, then professor of the history of Russian law in Dorpat (Yuryev) University. In 1905, Mr.. elected as a full professor in the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, the chair of the history of Russian law in connection with the history of the national economy and an associate of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of Russian antiquities and history from 1909. - Extraordinary, with 1912. - Ordinary academician. Master's thesis "The Power of Muscovy" (St. Petersburg, 1889) is one of the key in our historical and legal literature works on the history of political ideas and theories of the supreme power in ancient Russia. A detailed critique of this work is given on behalf of the Academy Professor SM. Shpilevsky, in "Report on the 33 th award Count Uvarov". Subsequent works have focused on the history of Dyakonova draft population Muscovy. The result of research in this area was at first a series of separate sketches, . published in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ":" On the history of peasant attachment "(1893, . ? 6), . "Ladle Pomeranian counties" (1895, . ? 5), . "Loners XVI - XVII centuries" (1896, . ? 4), . "Zadvornov People" (1897, . ? 12),
. All of these studies, supplemented by new research, made his doctoral thesis "Essays on the history of the rural population in the Moscow State" (St. Petersburg, 1898). Annex to this study are "acts related to the history of the draft of the population in the Moscow State" (2 issue, Yuriev, 1895 and 1897), containing new and valuable archive material. The authorization of the central and most contentious issue on the history of the draft of the population of ancient Russia - on the attachment of the peasants - Diakonov joined to the direction, . which, . followed by Professor Kliuchevsky, . looking for sources of this attachment is not ukaznoy of sovereigns, . but in general terms of socio-economic life of the population,
. Especially made to "starozhilstva", which, in connection with debt, was one of the main, by the look Dyakonov, causes the attachment of the peasants. Research Dkonova on the history of peasant attachment aroused a great response and a more or less vigorous, . some items, . objections, . especially on the part of Professor Vladimir-Budanova ( "Review of the history of Russian law") and Sergeyevich ( "Antiquities of the Russian law", . t,
. III). In turn, Dyakonov have been critical of some of the major works of historical and legal literature (reviews of works: Gurlyanda on Yamskoy Chase, Sergeyevich "Antiquities of the Russian law", t. III, Gauthier, Zamoskovny Land ", etc.). The last great work of Diakonov: "Essays on the social and political system of ancient Russia until the end of XVII century" (Yuryev, 1907, 4 edition, St. Petersburg., 1912) is handling the overall course in the history of Russian law, read in higher education. Dyakonov is one of the editors of the historical department in this dictionary.

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Dyakonov Mikhail, photo, biography
Dyakonov Mikhail, photo, biography Dyakonov Mikhail  historian of Russian Law, photo, biography
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