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Krivoshein Alexander

( Statesman, Comptroller, Secretary of State)

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Biography Krivoshein Alexander
photo Krivoshein Alexander
Born in 1858. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at St. Petersburg University. Service began in Moscow in the archives of the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Foreign Affairs was sent to Vladivostok, for the study of colonization and then served as Commissioner for peasant affairs in the province Kalash, Assistant Chief and Chief of the Resettlement Department. In 1905, Mr.. appointed deputy chief steward land management and agriculture, in 1906. - A member of the Council of State. was Deputy Minister of Finance, zaveduya nobility and the peasant banks. May 21, 1908, Mr.. took over as chief steward land management and agriculture. Under him credit for land management with 9 1 / 2 million in 1908. increased to 1914. to 25 1 / 2 million. For agronomic assistance in land management in 1908. spent 171 thousand. rubles in 1913. - 6 million rubles to the reclamation work (mainly for agricultural water supply) in 1908. been allocated 200 thousand in 1914. - 2 million rubles. The maximum size of loans for land management in 150 rubles law June 16, 1912, Mr.. increased to 500 rubles. Since 1909. loans are issued subject to improve land use (construction materials, agricultural implements, seeds, fertilizer). Expenses for fire-resistant construction in 1910, when the case was first charged with maintaining the principal land management and agriculture, was only 35,800 rubles in 1914. organized in the main control on the Rights of the Department, a special department of rural construction, and loans it reached 6,3 million rubles. Land Reform 1906. extended to the Asian part of Russia, where from 1910 to 1913 by broadly defined vnutrinadelnogo disengagement allotted to individual ownership of 6 million acres. Credits for the migration work increased from 19 million in 1908. to 30 million in 1914. (introduced special trains, better equipped stopping places, taken to a better device resettlement sites, increased loans domoobzavodstvo and non-profit required), . for irrigation in Turkestan,
. Introduced a bill on vsesoslovnom resettlement; plan of railway construction in areas of resettlement. From 1908 to 1914. expenses to promote the agricultural industry increased from 5.7 million rubles to 54.6 million. The total number of agronomy staff in 2810 people reported to 10000. The number of students in agricultural readings increased from 48 thousand in 1908. up to 1.6 million in 1912. The network of regional research stations. Expenditures on land improvements has increased from 843 thousand. rubles in 1908 to 12.6 million rubles in 1914, the State Duma introduced a bill on the production of land improvements that have national significance. Of the reclamation work has already produced the most are the major irrigation canals in the Hungry Steppe (Turkestan) and Mugan (Transcaucasia). Revenue from State Property in 1908. stood at 72 million rubles, increased in 1913. up to 115 million. In 1910,. submitted to the State Duma the project of transformation agency in the Ministry of Agriculture. Been printed for general information note Krivosheina on his official travel to Siberia (in 1910, together with P.A. Stolypin), Turkestan (in 1912) and in Transcaucasia (in 1913) and "Operating Results for the last five years and labor Resettlement Department:" Asian Russia ". - See. Article. "Planning" in the Brockhaus - Efron (XVIII, 547 - 570). G.

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Krivoshein Alexander, photo, biography
Krivoshein Alexander, photo, biography Krivoshein Alexander  Statesman, Comptroller, Secretary of State, photo, biography
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