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Nikolai Kurganov Gavrilivich

( author of the famous 'Pismovnika')

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Biography Nikolai Kurganov Gavrilivich
(1725 or 1726 - 1796). He studied at the Moscow school of navigation in the marine sciences and the Academy, he taught astronomy in the last. However Krasilnikov traveled to determine the Baltic Sea, was later Inspector of Marine Corps, received from the Academy of Sciences, professor of mathematics and navigation. Published several original and translated works on his specialty ( "Universal Arithmetic", "The Science of military and T. n.). In 1769, Mr.. Kurganov issued a "Grammar of Russia's universal" changed in subsequent editions (in life Kurganova them came six) in the "Pismovnik". This "Pismovnik, zaohotivshy to read and supplied a number of literary and scientific information, hundreds of thousands of our forefathers and grandfathers, in the edition 1769. was entitled "Russia universal grammar, or Universal pismoslovie that offers the easiest way to a thorough teaching the Russian language, with the seventh prisovokupleniyami different educational and poleznozabavnyh things". Grammar described popularly, though not adapted to the understanding of children. The first "prisovokuplenie" consists of a collection of Russian proverbs, . in alphabetical order, the second, . maybe, . most contributed to the success of "pismosloviya", . called "Brief intricate tale, . the number of 321, almost all of them are borrowed from foreign sources, . but mounds often altered, . than translating, . and altered very well,
. For the "story" followed by "various jokes", . number of rhetorical exercises, . riddles, . ancient apophthegm, . "Epiktitovo morality", . 4 "Training call (most interesting - about mythology), . "Talk about the difference between the sayings and writings", . which reported a summary of piitiki and metrics, then there is a very large department, "Collecting the various stihodeystv", . ie, . verse anthology, . which found a place and a few pieces of our folk literature,
. For the "charges" should be "Universal drawing of Sciences and Arts" - a sort of taxonomy of Sciences and at the same time concise encyclopedia, in which mounds stops with a special hunt on scientific facts that contribute to the destruction of superstition. At the end put a dictionary of foreign words and Slavic, with their interpretation, and the "reservation", in which the composer rises to those who mutilated the native language barbarisms. Book Kurganova like compound useful with a pleasant and clear statement of scientific truth, showing the originator of talented teacher. Every new edition has made various additions. In 1809, Mr.. "Pismovnik" came the 8 th edition, but the readership it down well below. All 18 editions. In the literature of XVIII century "Pismovnik" Kurganov - a fact very large and influential: his stories were copied into a notebook, passing and penetrating into people's literature, went over to the people, and some love songs and songs from the "Collection stihodeystv". On the other hand, folk songs that have found their place in this "assembly", aroused interest in Russian poetry and artless preparing them for "Ancient Russia's poem" Kirsha Danilov and other. - See. VN. Berhe Life of Nicholas Gavrilovic Kurganov (St. Petersburg, 1829); Metropolitan Eugene "Dictionary of secular writers" (I, 327 - 328); A. Kirpichnikov "former celebrities of Russian Literature. Nikolai Kurganov and Pismovnik "(" Historical Journal ", 1887).

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Nikolai Kurganov Gavrilivich, photo, biography
Nikolai Kurganov Gavrilivich, photo, biography Nikolai Kurganov Gavrilivich  author of the famous 'Pismovnika', photo, biography
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