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Nezabitovsky Vasily Andreyevich

( gifted lawyer)

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Biography Nezabitovsky Vasily Andreyevich
(1824 - 1883). He graduated from the course at the University of Kiev St Vladimir. Having occupied the chair of the laws of the treasury management in Nezhin Lyceum Prince Bezborodko, . wrote a master's thesis: "On the fiscal system in the Moscow State, . since the establishment of monocracy before the introduction of per capita salary Peter the Great ", and acts of speech:" Outline of treasury income in Russia since Peter the Great to the death of Empress Catherine II "; these works were published until after his death,
. In 1853, Mr.. Nezabitovsky moved to Kiev University in the department of public (t. e. international) law. Assimilated the teachings P. Mole and the other on the need to distinguish between areas of society and state, the interests of social and political and combine it with the legal views of Kant, Nezabitovsky has developed its own original teaching of the Law. He tried to hold it in his doctoral dissertation, but the faculty did not approve of the retreat from scientific traditions, and Nezabitovskomu had to alter its work in the spirit, more consonant with the prevailing views of. Thus arose the "doctrine of publicists on interstate possession" (Kiev, 1862). By its logical harmony, it can serve as a model of scientific work in the theory of law. Systematic exposition of a kind of legal philosophy Nezabitovskogo given in his article, attached to the department's review of the works Rennenkampf: "Essays on Legal Encyclopedia. Central to this doctrine has a human personality. The right to life is called cohabitation (coexistentia), in which people put the very nature. The main condition for the hostel - the inviolability of rights or the world, so science is the science of the human rights of the world. The hostel is independent of the right value, and its goal - the common good. Law remains in force and in society, but here it joins a number of new factors, their totality is the subject of a special science - social science or sociology. Through this distinction Neverovsky meant to protect human rights from the tyranny of society, which, for the sake of the whole, requires some sacrifice of individual. The same views and with the same purpose Nezabitovsky holds in international law, distinguishing between the right of the whole people of the right of interstate. Law protects the nation-wide human rights regardless of their affiliation to a particular State; interests of the States to protect the interstate. Recent publicists exclusively ranked last, forgetting the right country-wide, yet it should be the basis of interstate and overseas law. Nezabitovsky was opposed to the utilitarian and practical view of university education and was behind only the scientific statement of teaching. Collected Works Nezabitovskogo issued, by order in council of Kiev University, under the editorship of Professor Romanovich-Slavatinskii (Kiev, 1884). Vl. Grabar.

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Nezabitovsky Vasily Andreyevich, photo, biography
Nezabitovsky Vasily Andreyevich, photo, biography Nezabitovsky Vasily Andreyevich  gifted lawyer, photo, biography
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