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Obolensky, Leonid Egorovich

( Writer)

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Biography Obolensky, Leonid Egorovich
(1845 - 1906). Attended lectures at St. Petersburg University and the Medical-Surgical Academy in physics, chemistry and physiology, and then at the Moscow University for Legal Studies and Philosophy. In 1866, Mr.. the proximity to some karakozovtsam was expelled from the capital. In 1878, Mr.. together with Professor Wagner began to publish a magazine "The Light". Since 1881. magazine program, renamed the "idea" becomes increasingly. In 1883, Mr.. Obolensky owning "Russian Wealth" and published it until 1891, after working in the "News", "Odessa Gazette" and "New Word" (Editor S.N. Krivenko), and also engaged in editing the translation of a number of works on philosophy (Fouillee, Celli, Kirhman, Maudsli, Tarde, Hoffding). He wrote novels and stories under the pseudonym M. Krasov. A lot of writing and critical articles in the "Thoughts". Sam Obolensky, apparently believed his philosophy to be the most important part of his career. According Obolensky, ethics erected on the basis of psychological. Primary feelings of pain, through the conscious and unconscious experience, compounded by the feelings and give the later. Desire belongs to a group of strong-willed feelings are the basis of experimental ethics. There are altruistic morality, stemming from the primary properties of organic matter, by virtue of which under the same conditions with a uniform subjective states. Of feelings that have occurred through evolution, we construct the objective conditions of good, and the primary altruism creates subjective conditions of its. In the subjective conditions of the stimulus is immediate compassion for another, embedded in organic matter and increasing in parallel with a sense of similarity with other. Vneopytny altruism gradually subordinates experienced morality and only one can serve as a criterion of conduct. Primary altruism - the one that maintains a constant struggle with the specter of identity; it - the essence, common to all, but the essence is not in the metaphysical sense, but its manifestation for us. Sympathy - the voice of the general and uniform, which temporarily took the shell of individuality. That is why love and compassion we can take the property of global entities, the noumena, God. In the subjective phenomena, we have the properties of nature, we are directly in the objective - only the symbolism of the same unknown entity. Philosophy should provide a complete picture about the world, it must cover and the area of feelings, and the essence of the world. Materialism and positivism do not satisfy this requirement, they can not directly serve life, for a given element of the world, its skeleton instead of a. - Numerous philosophical articles Obolensky, appeared before 1890. inclusive, are listed in the annex to the Russian translation of "Stories of modern philosophy" Ibervega-Heinz, p. 559 ff.; In 1891 and 1892 they were noted in the bibliographies of the journal Problems of Philosophy ", in 1893 and 1894 respectively - in the" Philosophical Yearbook over the years.

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Obolensky, Leonid Egorovich, photo, biography
Obolensky, Leonid Egorovich, photo, biography Obolensky, Leonid Egorovich  Writer, photo, biography
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