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Pavlov Mikhail G.

( Professor of physics, mineralogy, and agriculture, MD.)

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Biography Pavlov Mikhail G.
Upon completion of the course in Voronezh entered the seminary in 1813 at Moscow University, where he graduated with honors from the two faculties - mathematics and health. In 1818, upon receipt of the degree of Doctor of Medicine, was sent abroad for improvements in the natural history and rural home economics. While abroad, mainly engaged in by the famous Teera and in 1820 read a lecture at Moscow University mineralogy and Rural Home Economics. Died in 1840. Agriculture, he was passionately committed to, pursuing the idea of The urgent need to study agriculture as a theoretical and a practical side. Its main idea - the need for Russia to lag behind the antiquated methods of farming and move to more advanced methods of farming. Not satisfied with the walls of a university audience, he opened a public lecture, which flowed mass of the Russian masters. P. was not only a professor, but the most ardent leader of the Moscow Society of Agriculture and was the first director of its "agricultural school" and "Hamlet" (cm. Moscow Society of Agriculture, XX, 11). In literary career P. made very early. In 1821 published his first lecture on the major systems of agriculture prinoravleniem to Russia ", then" On the way to explore nature "; excellent and energetic speech AP, . read in 1824 upon the act of Moscow University: "The motives to improve agriculture in Russia, mainly before the other branches of national industry, and measures, . significantly related to the ",
. Of the larger works of P. known: "Agricultural Chemistry", "Foundations of Physics", Course of Agriculture. Several years in a row P. published two magazines: "Athenaeum" and "Russian Farmer" and the first is "Notes for the farmers, factory owners, in order to acquaint fellow with the present situation of agriculture, applied to the Russian domestic. A. S.
Physics Pavlova ( "Foundations of Physics", 2 nd edition in Moscow in 1836) is characterized by complete absence of application of mathematics to the analysis of phenomena, instead of the author treats the theory in terms of the natural philosophers. Another Russian representative of similar trends in physics was Vellanski (V, 85). Neither Vellanskiy or P. not conducive to study physics in our country, though they might know that in Western European literature already existed works on physics, which could serve as a model of. Thus, already in 1816 issued a Bio-known mathematical and experimental physics, in which remarkable and instructive to all - even the author's misconceptions in optics (IV, 32). F. P.
P. known as one of the first in Russia adherents of Schelling. In his lectures P. held natural-philosophical outlook of the German philosopher. Philosophical nature are his articles: "On the way to explore nature" ( "Mnemosyne", 1824, Prince. 4); "Overall drawing of Sciences" (Fatherland Notes, 1839, 11). The last article presents the first in Russian literature, the experience of the classification of sciences. YA. K.

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Pavlov Mikhail G., photo, biography
Pavlov Mikhail G., photo, biography Pavlov Mikhail G.  Professor of physics, mineralogy, and agriculture, MD., photo, biography
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