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( Religious philosopher, writer, poet.)

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Biography ANDREEV Daniel L.


2.15/11.1906 - 30.3.1959
. Trivia Son of writer LN Andreeva
. Graduated from the Higher literary courses (in the late 20's.). Member of the Great Patriotic War. In 1947, arrested and sentenced to 25 years for anti-Soviet activities. Has served 10 years. The main ideas developed in the "Rose of the World", they received a poetic transcription of "Russian gods" and "Iron mystery". A. - A supporter of religious spiritualism, the identity of the mythological branches of Russian cosmism with a unique "simvolichekim language". In the center of beliefs A. - Installation of the universe, life is full of struggle between the forces of Light with the forces of evil, receiving its personification. History - a reflection of the relationship nezemnyyh Entities. A. used the ancient concept of eon (age of life) to designate the periods of the world. Mystery of the first eon loss ends the Antichrist and the salvation of the few in the second eon happens salvation of all without exception, and the cessation of radiation rage. In the third - come to pass the redemption of the Demon.
Characteristic views Andreev directly continued the tradition of philosophy ones Solovyov, developing them through the complex relationship and the classical principles Tolstoyism Slavophilism. (Zamaleev п-.пг. Course history of Russian philosophy. M., 1995.

Teaching Looking at the realities of the twentieth century., Andreev came to the apocalyptic sense of time: '... I belong to those who fatally shot two great disasters: the world wars and the tyranny of a one-man '. It is particularly distressing was that the human culture, even in its highest manifestations, such as religion and science is powerless to resist an unusually increased strength of evil, its ability to 'mask', 'substitute' good. In people gradually fade 'drive towards world', they are increasingly disconnected to the hostile community, reinforcing the 'oppressive education', ie. State. Of course, the essence of the state is not confined to only one of tyranny. Over the entire century, it acted 'only sustained obedinitelnitsey people', preventing them from the danger of chaos and war. But the state 'cemented the society on the principles of violence', does not care about the moral content of their acts. As a result triumphed imperious, despotic Home. Thus arose the modern 'state masses', carnivorous by nature, alien to the ideals of peace and social harmony. In their possession were science and technology, serving them with the same humility with which the church served as the feudal lords. Each of their achievement, every success immediately turns against 'the real interests of mankind' postpones 'the way to universal union'. And not the good of society, and becomes a one-man dictatorship to policy. This, . believed Andreev, . made clear, . that out of the crisis could be achieved 'is not the development of science and technology by themselves, . not state redevelopment started, . not a dictatorship 'strong man', . not coming to power of pacifist organizations, social-democratic type, . historical winds swing to the right, . to the left ', . but exclusively with the establishment of all the states of some common, . comprehensive 'ethical authority', . or, . otherwise, . interregilioznoy, . all mankind Church, . 'Rose of the World',
. 'Rose of the World' will be a kind of 'religion of the outcome', 'cathedral creativity', in which all the old religions will become a reflection of 'the various layers of spiritual activity, various series inomaterialnyh facts, different segments of the planetary space'. Due to its universalism and dynamic, . 'World Rose' will first join the globe in the Federation of State, headed by the 'controlling ethical authority', . extend material prosperity and a high cultural level of the population of all countries, . educate generation 'ennobled image', . restore the Christian church, . word, . implement the 'transformation of the planet - in the garden, . and states - in the brotherhood ',
. In turn, the realization of these objectives 'will open the way to solve problems of higher: the inspiration of nature'. Russia is 'foretold' special role, if only it did not destroy the totalitarian violence. (Zamaleev п-.пг. Course history of Russian philosophy. Moscow.: Nauka, 1995. S. 167-168).

Major works 1 / Rose of the world. Philosophy history. M., 1921, 2 / Railway mystery. M., 1990; 3 / Sobr.soch. M., 1993. V.1.

Collected Works. op. M., 1993. T. 1. Russian Gods. Poet. ensemble
Roza Mira. M., 1991, 1992;
Iron mystery. Moscow, 1990;
The essence of his life / / New J.. (New York). 1991. ? 4.

Literature Grushetsky In. Blue Man era / / Andreev D. Roza Mira. M., 1991. S. 283-286; Kurakina OD. Russian cosmism as a sociocultural phenomenon. M., 1993.

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ANDREEV Daniel L., photo, biography
ANDREEV Daniel L., photo, biography ANDREEV Daniel L.  Religious philosopher, writer, poet., photo, biography
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