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Putjatin Euthymios V.

( Russian statesman)

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Biography Putjatin Euthymios V.
1803 - 1883) - Count, Russian statesman, admiral, Adjutant General. After graduating from the course at the Naval College in 1822 - 1825 years made a voyage around the world to the north-western coast of America under the command Stamp. Lazarev. In 1827 he took part in the Battle of Navarino. In 1838 - 1839 years, commanding a frigate, took part in landings during the occupation of the Cape Azher, Tuapse and towns Shapsuhu and Cape Subashi here was wounded. In 1842 took the first trip Putiatina, with a diplomatic purpose, the Shah of Persia. On orders Putiatina was established in Astrabadskom Bay military station, they were pacified, Turkmens, and he persuaded the Persian Government to destroy the old constraint of Russian trade in the Caspian Sea in Persia itself, has taken steps to distinguish between water spaces, and insisted on the establishment of shipping lines between the mouth of the Volga, . The Caucasus and Persia,
. Upon his return to St. Petersburg, Putyatin chaired the Committee for the task of shipbuilding. In 1852 he was sent Putjatin, . with the whole expedition, . Japan, . where, . despite the obstacles on the part of the Japanese and the political difficulties as the gap between England and France with Russia, . managed to conclude in Shimoda (in 1855) for Russia, a lucrative trade treatise, . Russian merchants were opening the Japanese ports,
. Upon return from this expedition, an important and scientifically (cm. "Frigate Pallas" Goncharova and "Memories of the old seaman's bar. Schilling, "- in" Russian Archive ", 1892, No. 5 and 6), Putyatin was awarded the dignity Count. New complications in the East forced the government again sent back Putiatina. He concluded with China in the treatise Tzyan-Tzine (1858), in which Russian acquired the right of free visits to inland provinces of China and Chinese ports for the production of maritime trade. At the same time Putjatin managed to pronounce the Japanese new trading privileges, the right to travel within Japan and the Russian law for the Russian diplomatic agent in the Japanese court. In 1858 - 1861 he. Putjatin was naval agent at the Russian Embassy in London in 1861 was appointed Minister of Education, but after 5 months, was dismissed from the post, with the appointment of members of the Council of State. By the time the administration of his ministry include unrest in the universities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, caused by the introduction of matriculation. Published works Putiatina: "an official memorandum record of the voyage of the detachment of our military ships to Japan and China for 1852 - 1855 gg." ( "Marine Digest, 1856, Prince. 10), "Considerations on the structure of marine education in Russia on a new footing" (ib., 1859, Prince. 11 and 12, 1860, Prince. 2) and "Draft transform maritime training institutions, the establishment of a new high school (St. Petersburg, 1860). Obituaries - in the "Moscow News" (1883,? 294), "New Times" (? 2746), "Kronstadt Gazette (1883,? 124). See. Baron Osten-Saken "In memory of Earl EV. Putiatina "(in" Proceedings of the Imperial Geographical Society, t. XIX,? 5); Petrichenko "Astrabadskaya station and its influence on the development of the region" (in the "Marine Digest, 1863, No. 12)," Total Marine List "(t. VIII, 1894), "Sea Collection" (1856, Volume XX and XXIII; 1859, t. XXXIX, kn. 1 - news about travel Putiatina). V. P-in.

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Putjatin Euthymios V., photo, biography
Putjatin Euthymios V., photo, biography Putjatin Euthymios V.  Russian statesman, photo, biography
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