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Leo Mathematics

( Outstanding Byzantine mathematician, astrologer and astronomer.)

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Biography Leo Mathematics
(ca. 790, <Constantinople> - after 869, <Constantinople>)
Place of the famous Byzantine family (his cousin was the patriarch John VII).

LM. received a great education, he studied mathematics, astronomy, astrology, rhetoric, philosophy. In the 820-ies. L.V. began giving private lessons in Constantinople, and soon became well known for its erudition, and he even received an invitation to visit Baghdad by the Caliph al-Ma'mun. In the 830-ies. LM. worked at the court of Emperor Theophilus (829 - 842). In 840-843 years. was Archbishop of Thessalonica. Then led teaching in Constantinople. In the 850-ies. LM. was head of the "school of philosophy, founded by Caesar WARDA in Magnauranskom Palace. The last known mention of the LM. - Entry in the chronicle of his astrological predictions, made in Constantinople in 869 g.

LM. studied astrology with great enthusiasm, kept constant astronomical observations, made a large number of forecasts. As part of his library was a book of Paul of Alexandria "Introduction to astrology, which from VII in. started to use as a teaching tool. In two written by him hexameter LM. Paul praises of Alexandria as a connoisseur of stars and indicates that he helped him to master the secrets of the art prediction. According to the chroniclers, with their knowledge in this area LM. managed to prevent hunger in Thessalonica, advising its residents to make planting in certain strictly specified their time, which allowed to grow a bountiful harvest. He also warned Caesar of the Ward threatened to kill him, warning him from taking part in the campaign in Crete, together with Michael III (842 - 867) and Basil, as fateful, ominous signs observed before, predicting his demise. He tried LM. saved from death and parishioners in the church of the Virgin, called Sigma, warning them of the danger of perishing in the earthquake that occurred in the capital in the third year of the reign of Basil I (867 - 886).

On the works of LM on astrological issues, very little is known. He is considered the author of a small fragment, contained in the Venice manuscript, an astrological treatise "On the solar eclipse in the royal trine", which focuses on value for the prediction of eclipses, wars and other disasters. Investigating this essay F. Ball came to the conclusion that the participation of LM. in its preparation is minimal, only a small part belongs to him. Basic same text was written much earlier

. With more certainty we can speak about his authorship scholium to Porfiry, . which was fixed an alleged error in the calculation of the last places the sunrise point on the horizon at the time of birth, . that was essential in drawing up a horoscope,
. M.L. also owns a number of translations and editions of astrological and astronomical writings. In addition, M.L. attributed to political treatises on astrology, predictions of thunder and aspects of celestial bodies, on the prediction of earthquakes, about the Master of days a week, work on medical astrology "The sick man", etc..

1. Pingree D. Leo the Mathematician. / / Dictionary of Scientific Biography.
2. Byzantine Culture. The second half of VII - XII century.

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Leo Mathematics, photo, biography
Leo Mathematics, photo, biography Leo Mathematics  Outstanding Byzantine mathematician, astrologer and astronomer., photo, biography
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