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Pumpiansky Leo V.

( The philosopher and philologist.)

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Biography Pumpiansky Leo V.
(1891 / 6? -06.08.1940)

Information Real name - Leo Meerovich Pumpyan. In 1912-15 he. studied at the Faculty of History and Philology. f-te St. Petersburg. (Petrograd.) Zap. representatives TN. Nevelskoj school of philosophy (along with Mikhail Bakhtin and M. Kagan. He was a member of the Free Philosophical. Association (Wolf), circle A. Meyer 'Resurrection'. In 1928, Mr.. P. briefly arrested in connection with the case 'Sunday'. Works in Leningrad. conservatory (with 1934. prof.), Leningrad. those in-training of artists, LSU (1936-40 gg., Prof.. Dept.. Russian history. lit-ry Philology. Faculty). P. opposes the philosophy of metaphysics. Metaphysics for him - an attempt to interpret the world and has esthete. origin, appears in poetic form.
. Characteristics of the views held by Pumpyansky can see the beginnings of a kind of semiotic approach, . sometimes formulated okolosimvolistskom Language (Investigating 'mechanism znamenovaniya' in 'Dostoevsky and antiquity', . Identification of oppositions Tyutchev etc.,
. (Dolgin B. in the book.: Russian Philosophy. Small Collegiate Dictionary. M., 1995. S. 432).

Approaching the Teaching of literary criticism, while it is in the productive stage of the crisis, with the general philosophical position, P. sees an opportunity to start building methodologically competent science literature only after the preliminary study of a number of philosophical, linguistic and other problems. (Dolgin B. in the book.: Russian Philosophy. Small Collegiate Dictionary. M., 1995. S. 432).

Dostoyevsky and Antiquity: Report read in the Free Philosophy. Association on October 2. 1921. / / Dialog. Carnival. Chronotope. Vitebsk, 1994. ? 1; Poetry FITyutchev / Urania: Tyutchev almanac, 1803-1928. L., 1928 (excerpt perepech. in FN - 1995. ? 1), A. Pushkin: Historical and literary. sketch / / Pushkin A. Op. 3rd ed. Moscow, Leningrad, 1928 (author not specified), Essays on the re-lit the first floor. XVIII century. / / XVIII century.: Sat. Article. and materials. Moscow, Leningrad, 1935; Trediakovskii and it. School Mind / West Sat. Moscow, Leningrad, 1937; Turgenev and the West / / Ivan Turgenev: Materials and Research. Orel, 1940; sentimentalism / / History of Russian. lit-ry. Moscow, Leningrad, 1947. T. 4; On ode A. Pushkin 'Monument' Vopr. lit-ry. M., 1977. ? 8; the history of Russian. Classicism: (Poetics University) / / Context 1982. Moscow, 1983; Gogol / Kazan. zap. Tartous. Zap. Tartu, 1984. Tech. 664 (Tr. by symbolic systems, 18); Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka; 'O Diary of a Madman' Nikolai Gogol / Teaching literature. reading est.. School. Tallinn, 1986; Lectures and speeches Bakhtin 1924-1925. the records L.V.P. / / Entered. Note, prepared. text and comment,. Nikolaeva NI. / / Bakhtin as a philosopher. M., 1992, from literature. Heritage / FN. 1995. ? 1.

Literature Nikolaev NI. About teoret. Heritage L.V.P. / / Context. 1982. M., 1983; Nikolaev NI. Nevelskaya School of Philosophy (M. Bakhtin, M. Kagan, int. in 1918-1925 gg.): Based on archive P. / / MM Bakhtin and Philosophy. culture of the twentieth century.: (Problems bahtinologii). SPb., 1991. Tech. 1, h. 2; Babich VV. In search of 'connection time': 'Dostoevsky and antiquity' L.V.P. / / Dialog. Carnival. Chronotope. Vitebsk, 1994. ? 1; Nikolaev NI. The original thinker / FN. 1995. ? 1; Hurumov C. Question of laughter in Nevel circle, ibid; Timenchik R.D. P.L.V. / / Short lit. entsikl. M., 1971. T. 6; Belous, VG. 'At the Crossroads': L.V.P. and the Wolf / / NA. 1994. ? 12.

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Pumpiansky Leo V., photo, biography
Pumpiansky Leo V., photo, biography Pumpiansky Leo V.  The philosopher and philologist., photo, biography
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