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Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir

( Indian writer)

Comments for Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir
Biography Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir

Was tragic for India XVIII century, but it is in this difficult time going on here is truly great poets, among whom the most famous earned Mir Taqi Mir. He was the author of several love poems (Masnavi), including the most popular 'Flame of Love' and 'River of Love'. He recognized masters of lyric, respectfully called Shah gazelle - a short lyric poem. The poet belonged by birth to the Muslim nobility, but tasted poverty, early orphanhood, many disappointments and misfortunes, has experienced unrequited love to a married woman, whose name history has not preserved.
. Poetry inspired by the World Muslim mysticism (Sufism) and at the same time, cosmopolitanism, full of genuine feelings of the earth, is inextricably linked to the dramatic events of the epoch
. The poet was appalled by the terrible devastation of the beloved city Delhi troops of Nadir Shah of Iran:
. Rivers of tears streamed from my eyes
. My heart is like Delhi destroyed ...

. After leaving New Delhi, World settled in Lucknow, served as a court poet at the nawab (ruler) of Oudh, but not "stick" because he was a stranger to adulation and flattery:
. The rich and noble, the Mir,
. you friendship not vodi,
. They are rich because bednymimy steel.

. Its independent character survived a lot of stories
. In his old age, retiring from the court, world poorer and almost blind, he was to bury the wife and children. Nawab sent poet robe and money, but the proud old man did not accept the king's gift and advised to give it to others in need. Kor da same court was persuaded to take the gift and not to anger the emperor, Mir said: 'He - the master of his country, and I - her'.
. Poetry of Peace is inherent in deep pessimism, it is quite understandable, and especially its mystical world view, and the tragic circumstances of personal life
. However, . Having witnessed many social upheavals, . bloody wars, . decay and death of the Mogul Empire, . poet was much more concerned about the loss of human moral values, . moral degradation, . usually, . and not only in the XVIII century, . accompanied by social crises:,
. Our era is dark, it lost
. loyalty and love.
. And in times past they were in honor
. people ...
. On the world market demand exists
. on any product.
. But you will not meet someone who would seek
. love.

. Mir wrote in the surprisingly simple, beautiful Urdu, near popular speech, so that contemporaries often reproached him for his lack of pretentiousness and sophistication, so prized at that time in literature
. But the poetry of the World is not forgotten and in our days, many verses of his aphorisms have become, in short, the poet had every right to say:
My verse is proud to know
But my goal - the people speak.

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Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir, photo, biography
Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir, photo, biography Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir  Indian writer, photo, biography
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