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Utamaro Kitagawa

( Japanese artist)

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Biography Utamaro Kitagawa
The name of the artist's well known to many of those who never heard nothing about the Japanese art of ukiyo-e. The mention of it raises up images of exquisite Japanese beauties, which Utamaro embodied his ideal of the eternal feminine.
Reliable information about the artist's life there is little, even though his work written numerous books. Real Name Wizard - Kitagawa, and Utamaro - a pseudonym, so starting from 1781, he signed his drawings. Hard to say, as fate would have been arriving in Edo (Tokyo) boys, if a publisher is not sheltered him and helped print engraving.
Utamaro painted from life, carefully studying the light. The beauty of a summer night, fireflies flicker in the grass, white light in the room, the brilliance of the sun on the petals of flowers attracted his attention.
He sought to convey water clarity, elegance kimono beauty tortoiseshell comb and a picture on the screen.
Utamaro gradually found his way of singing, which brought him fame best artist in Japan, where he is popular now as in life.
From 1789 to 1800 Utamaro painted almost all the beauties, which only can be found in the Edo. Almost each of them one and the same oval face, nose shape, eye shape, they are all gentle and quiet. But how different these women read and engaged with children, play musical instruments. Artist like spies for their heroines, studying their every gesture and movement. A woman in front of a mirror by lamplight is considering a thin gauze. But another - not finished his letter, thought. About what? Will the answer? Curious, attentive, and serene 'The girl read the book'. From her and breathes tranquility. In the engraving 'in Love with a veil' and bowed his head man, and addressed to him the figure of a woman - a quiet, gentle caress.
. Artist and did not conceal that draws its themes from life, some of the prints he had signed: 'Observing Utamaro'
I created it and theatrical prints, for example when the popular topic of suicide lovers. Utamaro made a series of portraits of geisha Esivara, . sketched scenes from everyday life 'gay neighborhood', . for that later the French writer Edmond Goncourt named him 'artist of brothels', . schem hardly acceptable, . because both are masters attracted primarily female beauty,
Utamaro was beautiful and illustrator of books, and failing in this genre to achieve perfection. Fate badly handled with Utamaro at the end of his life. In 1806, his engraving 'Hideyoshi and five concubines' he brought upon himself the wrath of the authorities. Work was perceived as a satire on the ruling shogun. For such a daring artist severely punished: 50 days he spent in prison with their hands tied, that like death for a man of his profession. September 20, 1806 Utamaro died. For years, followers of the artist, his prints were reprinted and forged. And what is most sad - known work Utamaro can not be seen in Japan, they belong to the British Museum.

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Utamaro Kitagawa, photo, biography
Utamaro Kitagawa, photo, biography Utamaro Kitagawa  Japanese artist, photo, biography
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