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Kolchinskaya Svetlana Arkadievna

( Director-General of TC 'Volga')

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Biography Kolchinskaya Svetlana Arkadievna
gene. director of TV channel "Strezhen";
gene. director of publishing house "Courier-NN;
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Radio "Rendezvous";
Member of the Board of Directors VAO "Nizhniy Novgorod Fair";
Board Member of the National Association of Broadcasters.
Born November 11, 1944 in g. Gorky.
. Overall experience in journalism, 37 years old.
. Overall experience produced in non-media-11 years.
. Higher Education: Leningrad State University, Department of Journalism.
. Then she worked in newspapers, was engaged in radio and television advertising, illuminated the problem of construction, municipal administration, urban life in the newspaper "Gorky working.
. In 1989 he established at the regional union of journalists in the first independent newspaper "Kurier", on the basis of which were subsequently organized the publishing house "Courier" and the publishing house "Courier NN.
. Editor in chief and general manager was SA Kolchinskaya, . which published the newspaper "Kurier" (literary, . political and cultural events, . News), . "Business Review" (campaign against illiteracy for managers), . "Tenth" I "(for seniors), . "Gaudeamus" (for students), . "City and Citizens" (for employees), . "The province (in support of reforms).,
. SA
. Kolchinskaya attention has been paid to the creative work of youth. During the publishing house "Courier" was trained young journalists the basics of journalism, newspaper, radio and television management. Later, many young children's staff and student newspapers are leading Nizhegorodian specialists and managers of media.
. Currently Svetlana Arkadievna has a teaching job: lecturer in regional "School of television skill" and "Nizhny Novgorod PR-agency.
. In 1991, based on the school newspaper "The Tenth" I "was created the first non-state television program for children" flower bed of Columbus.
. In 1992, in Nizhny Novgorod has started a daily morning broadcast commercial channel "Morning Coffee", where along with the functions of producer SA Kolchinskaya served as editor in chief
. TV out with a 6-up to 9 am on weekdays and was the first of the Nizhny Novgorod periodic entertainment.
In July 1992, in Gorky created the first independent radio station with its own programming, Radio Rendezvous ". The first general manager, organizer of the creative process - SA Kolchinskaya. Broadcast on VHF frequencies, 71,16, FM 103,4, as well as on the wired radio. Currently SA. is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Radio Rendezvous.
. October 5, 1992 was set up TV "Volga" - Nizhegorodskaya first independent commercial television with daily ether and its own channels, whose Director General was appointed SA Kolchinskaya.
. Before the advent of television Volga in Nizhny Novgorod live there only 3 television channels, which prophesied "1 channel", "Russia's television" and the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Television NNTV
SA Kolchinskaya was the general producer of the new channels: developed the concept of television, a strategic plan for its development, participated in shaping the proposals for the founders, as well as the organization of the Board of Directors. During the existence of the firm number of employees increased from 20 to 170-ty, and consequently increased material and technical base.
. Information programs TK "Volga" have a high rating based on research findings to audiences.
. SA Kolchinskaya - one of the initiators and organizers of the All-Russia forum "The Future of Russia", . "Time to live in Russia", . "New Russia", . Great River 99, . "Russia at the turn of the century", . "United Russia" and TV Forum "Televyzov - 98", . "Televyzov - 99" and the television Assembly "National television on the eve of XXI century".,
. SA Kolchinskaya participated in the organization began broadcasting channel Muz-TV "on the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region in 1997, as well as in the project" Digital TV "in 2000.
. In August 1999, SA was awarded the prize Kolchinskaya N. Novgorod for information provision and participation in organizing the All-Russia Forum 1996-1999.
. As a result of the contest conducted by the National Association of Broadcasters, Television Volga named "Best Television of 1999.

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Kolchinskaya Svetlana Arkadievna, photo, biography
Kolchinskaya Svetlana Arkadievna, photo, biography Kolchinskaya Svetlana Arkadievna  Director-General of TC 'Volga', photo, biography
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