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Beyle, Pierre (Bayle Pierre)

( French thinker, historian and critic of religion.)

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Biography Beyle, Pierre (Bayle Pierre)
Born November 18, 1647 in Karl-le-Comte in the south of France. Calvinist like his father, a pastor, he was converted to Catholicism while studying at the University of Toulouse (1669), but a year later returned to their original beliefs. Later he studied in Geneva, served as a tutor, became professor of philosophy at the Protestant Academy Sedanskoy (1675-1681). Was forced to leave France and settle in Rotterdam, when Louis XIV closed the Academy in 1681. Experienced the influence of Montaigne and Descartes, as well as other representatives of the 'new' philosophy. In Holland, Beyle taught (he was a professor of the University of Rotterdam until 1693) and wrote a lot, gaining popularity among scientists and the reputation of a tireless champion of free thought and religious tolerance, including in relation to atheists. Published the magazine 'News literary republic' ( 'Nouvelles de la Rpublique des lettres'). Died Beyle in Rotterdam December 28, 1706.
Job Beyle Miscellaneous thoughts on the comet (Penses diverses crites ... l'occasion de la comte .., tt. 1-2, 1682) contained convincing arguments against the well-known prejudice that comets portend disaster. At the same time expressed Beyle bold idea that human behavior is caused by passions rather than the presence or absence of religious beliefs. In this paper, What is in fact entirely Catholic France during the reign of Louis XIV (Ce que c'est que la France toute catholique sous le rgne de Louis XIV, . 1686) he protested against the abolition in 1685 the Edict of Nantes on religious tolerance and the increased persecution of Protestants in France,
. Work Philosophy comment to the words of Jesus Christ, 'Make sure to come' (Commentaire philosophique sur les paroles de Jsus Christ: Contrains - les d'entrer, . 1686-1687) was an appeal not be taken literally word of the Bible (Luke 14:23), . often used to justify the forced conversion of heretics,

The main and most famous work is his Beyle Historical and Critical Dictionary (Dictionnaire historique et critique, tt. 1-2, 1695-1697). Its mission is primarily corrected numerous errors committed by his predecessor on the compilation of the dictionary, a French Catholic scholar and L. MorцLri. However, the Dictionary Bailey - a completely new and original work. Four volumes of large format Dictionary withstood nine editions in French for 50 years, and also appeared in two English translations. Deliberately orthodox text, representing mainly biographies, supplemented by extensive notes, occupying almost the entire volume of work and abundant quotations from scholars of Latin and Greek authors. Beyle tried to conceal the true nature of their work against censorship with subtle humor, irony, and frequent references. Beyle's Dictionary contains a wealth of information and presented a sample label critics commonplaces of prejudice. A certain heaviness of style reimbursed deep content of the book, which played a significant role in the history of thought. Dispassionate rationalism and subtle irony Beyle subsequently often used by Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and many other writers in France and abroad.

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Beyle, Pierre (Bayle Pierre), photo, biography
Beyle, Pierre (Bayle Pierre), photo, biography Beyle, Pierre (Bayle Pierre)  French thinker, historian and critic of religion., photo, biography
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