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MARRIAGE Georges (Braque Georges)

( French painter, graphic artist, sculptor and painter, together with Picasso is the creator of Cubism.)

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Biography MARRIAGE Georges (Braque Georges)
Born May 13, 1882 in Argenteuil (Seine and Oise) in the family of artist-decorator. In 1900-1901 he studied at the Technical School in Paris. In 1902-1904 attended classes at the School of Fine Arts and Academy of Embera, museums and private collections, studied the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, Egyptian and Greek sculpture, as well as works by Corot and Cezanne.
In 1906-1907 Marriage has written several series of landscapes, in which the influence of Fauvism and paintings by Cezanne. Strong impression on his Picasso painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907). Next summer marriage created a series of innovative landscapes, at work over which he followed the call of Cezanne: 'Imitating nature in the form of cylinders, spheres and cones'. These landscapes were not taken Autumn Salon. Henri Matisse said that they are composed of cubes, and hence there was the word 'Cubism'. In 1908-1914 Marriage and Picasso worked in close cooperation, developing the principles of a new artistic direction. First they destroyed analytically familiar images of objects, like 'examining' them on separate forms and spatial structures. In 1912 they began work in the technique of collage and applique and pulled the reverse process - synthesizing objects from diverse elements. A significant contribution of Marriage in the creative process was the use of inscriptions and various decorative techniques.

Great composition musician (1917-1918, Basel, public art collection) was the result of the synthetic phase of cubism in art of Marriage and marked the starting point in his search for new creative. In 1920 elements of cubism gradually disappearing from the works of Braque, he uses more visual motifs. Public recognition came to him in 1922 after the exhibition, at which the artist presented a series of paintings, painted in a rich pictorial manner: Fireplaces, Tables and Kanefory (girls carrying baskets with sacrificial utensils). In the late 1920's marriage refused to bright vivid effects, and continued to experiment with form and color, he wrote, marine species, bathers, neoclassical motifs, and the head with a double profile. In 1930-1940-s Marriage, wrote songs and still lives in the interior, sometimes with musicians, artist's model and artists, and sometimes - completely devoid of human figures. After the war, Braque's work became more contemplative, esoteric nature, as evidenced by a series of 8 paintings Workshop (1949-1956). In 1952-1953 the artist completed the painting ceilings at the Louvre. Depicted in these large black birds against the blue sky become one of the most common motifs in the later works of the master.

Marriage has created many drawings, prints and sculptural works, but the main place in his work took painting. Died Marriage in Paris on Aug. 31, 1963.

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MARRIAGE Georges (Braque Georges), photo, biography
MARRIAGE Georges (Braque Georges), photo, biography MARRIAGE Georges (Braque Georges)  French painter, graphic artist, sculptor and painter, together with Picasso is the creator of Cubism., photo, biography
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