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Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (Browning Elizabeth Barret)

( English poet)

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Biography Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (Browning Elizabeth Barret)
Become famous sonnets from the Portuguese, devoted husband, the poet R. Browning. Elizabeth Barrett Barrett Malton (Moulton Barret) was born March 6, 1806 in Koksho Hall, near Durham. Through early childhood, with proven ability to read philosophical works, mastered ancient Greek, French and Latin. In ten years, wrote poems for family holidays, in thirteen written epic battle of Marathon (The Battle of Marathon, 1820), eighteen - a philosophical poem An Essay on the Mind (An Essay on Mind, 1826). In 1833 transferred the tragedy of Aeschylus Prometheus Bound (Prometheus Bound), and in 1842 published in the journal 'Athenaeum' two articles on the Greek Christian poets. In 1835 the Barrett family moved to London, where Elizabeth was included in the literary circles in 1841 with R. Horn translated Chaucer into modern English, was his co-author of the poem The new spirit of the time (A New Spirit of the Age, 1844).
Experienced severe lung disease in 1821. In 1838 they sent her home in Torquay (Devon County). After the death there in 1840, beloved brother, Edward survived a strong nervous breakdown and in 1841 returned to London in critical condition. Following five years of her life was limited by the walls of the room. The collection of poems (Poems, 1844), along with many wonderful poems entered religious poem Drama exile (A Drama of Exile). Fascinated by her verses, R. Browning letter dated January 10, 1845 marked the beginning of their famous love correspondence. In violation of the strict prohibition of the father, 12 September 1846 forties Elizabeth Browning secretly married in a week and traveled with him to Italy. The couple settled in Florence. Happy Marriage, . renewed health and childbirth have contributed to, . that the years, . Elizabeth Browning conducted in Italy (Florence, . Siena, . Rome) and visits to Paris and London (so expect a warm reception everywhere), . become the most productive period of her creative biography,
. In the poem Guidi windows of the palace (Casa Guidi Windows, 1848-1851) expressed ardent hope for the success of the liberation movement in Italy. In the second edition of Poems (1850) first saw the light of the poetess famous work - a series of Sonnets from the Portuguese (Sonnets from the Portuguese, 1850). Gained widespread popularity and a novel in verse Aurora Lee (Aurora Leigh, 1856). In subsequent years, keeping warm sympathy for the fighters for the independence of Italy, Elizabeth Browning enthusiastically engaged in spiritism.

In 1860, equanimity Browning has been undermined by the death of her sister Henrietta, and an unstable political situation in Italy, the news of the death of CB Cavour her at once. Browning died of bronchitis after June 30, 1861. The following year, R. Browning left after it published a poem in the book Last Poems (Last Poems, 1862).

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Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (Browning Elizabeth Barret), photo, biography
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (Browning Elizabeth Barret), photo, biography Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (Browning Elizabeth Barret)  English poet, photo, biography
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