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Allegrova Irina

( Singer)

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Biography Allegrova Irina
Date of Birth: 20/01/1951

"Someone thinks I'm an angel in my life - can. Someone thinks I'm a sex symbol - albeit believes. Although the I myself do not think so. Someone said that I'm ugly, nasty and zaimela already third husband, - let him speak. And let it be on his conscience ". "Interlocutor, 1998

Irina Allegrova was born January 20, 1951, Mr.. Rostov-na-Donu. Her father - actor and director, honored artist, and mother - opera singer. When 17-year old singer's father worked in a circus, it was called "Allegris, therefore, becoming a musical comedy actor, he took the pseudonym Alexander Allegro, and his daughter Irina received this name at birth. In the 59-m her family moved to Baku, where Irina graduated from high school and Central Music Conservatory in Baku, and in piano (specialty - piano accompanist), vocal never specifically studied. After school Allegrova gathered to learn and in the Conservatory, but became ill during the entrance exams and was unable to go to college. In 1970, Irina started to work in Yerevan Orchestra under Orbelian.

Conquer Moscow Irina Allegrova went in 1975. First spent several years in the orchestra by Leonid Utjosov. Then her career took a course on the stage: Allegrova in 86-m became a soloist of group "Electroclub" from which came another pop size - Viktor Saltykov. In the same year, the singer took part in the contest "Golden Tuning Fork" and took "silver".

Irina Allegrova solo career began in 1990. and very successful. A year later, readers of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets "considering it" the best singer of the year ". This is the opinion of many, . and many - quite the opposite, . as Allegrova immediately proved itself as a vibrant woman, . close to the definitions of "bitch" and "vamp": bright makeup, . desperate blonde Chemistry, . leggings, . short or long, . but much "cut" skirts, . bare shoulders and sensual songs,
. The most famous - "Second Lieutenant", "Photo 9 of 12". Enthusiastic male fans turned out to be Irina's no less angry than this "depraved kind of" Soviet Women. The 92-m Allegrova gave the first solo concert in Moscow (once in the "Olympic") and in St. Petersburg, and a year has already shown the program in concert hall "Russia", then in America and Israel. In the 94-m won the Ovation as "the best pop singer". In April, 95 th recitals Irina Allegrova passed in the State Kremlin Palace.

Irina Allegrova itself does not write songs. Its principal composers - Igor Nikolaev, Viktor Chaika, Igor Cool. With the last Allegrova made two albums and two, respectively, solo program, shown in the concert hall "Russia" - "I am the clouds spreading his hands" (1996 and repeated at 97-m) and "Unfinished Novel" (1998).

. Special story deserves Allegrova appearance in the movie version of his songs
. In 1995. was withdrawn by the scandalous clip "Come with me" (directed by Tigran Keosayan operator Yuri Lyubshin). In the story the heroine Irina Allegrova comes to the museum and animating pictures act out scenes of passion. No channels have not dared to show it to an erotic video in its air. Before clips Irene were also very shocking, if we forget that in the 93-m Allegrova general withdrew for video erotic magazine "Andrew". For example in the clip "transit passenger" (1993) she showed in the bath, . nude and lace foam (though, . say, . that it is for these cadres withdrew not the singer, . and her understudy), . and in the video "I'll otvoyuyu" originally a play on the biblical myth of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene,
. Not all critics and audiences were delighted by the fact that in the head "pops canary" any such associations with a biblical heroine. But the singer is not particularly bothered.

Irina Allegrova slightly grafomanstvuet. From under her pen out and were published three romance novels - "More than love", "Paradise Island" and "theorem of love."

. Gossip tried to give the singer married to each of its author, and especially for the companion to "Electroclub Viktor Saltykov
. But the first time she got married back in Baku and gave birth to a daughter Lala. Her second husband in the 80-ies. became the producer of "Electroclub Vladimir Dubovitskii, who is now happily married to singer Tatyana Ovsienko. Third - and most notorious - marriage Irina Allegrova happened in 1994. Husband had been a former vaudeville dancer, ballet, businessman Igor Cabbage, which met Irina when Igor took a job in his accompanying band of 93-m. In the 94-m, they were married two weeks before the death of his father Allegrova. In an interview in 99-m singer said that every man can get along no more than six years, and as if in confirmation, in early 2000, Mr.. separated from third husband. At Irina has not only grown-up daughter, Lala, but also the grandson of Alexander, named in honor of his great-grandfather. That grandson Allegrova devoted his last to date album "Theater of ...", which was released in the late 99 th and has already started work on a new plate.

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  • Marina for Allegrova Irina
  • love ! love !
  • Jaklin for Allegrova Irina
  • I am familiar with the work of Irina Allegrova and though I am not mad a fan, but I can say with certainty that the songs in her performance stand out bright spot among the pops. songs that sound on this stage ... As such, we would have more performers ... It's a pity only that neither of which can not be heard on the appearance of her new alobomov: (
  • kira for Allegrova Irina
  • Official site of Irina Allegrova - www.irinaallegrova.ru Site povyaschenny creativity Irina Allegrova. Full biography, mp3, lyrics, videos, photos, ethers, tours, news, discography, wallpaper, media, music vystupelniya, forum
  • komarr14 for Allegrova Irina
  • I like your songs, I always listened to them, Thank you for what you have to sing!
  • lera for Allegrova Irina
  • Hello! I just п+п¦п¦пTп¦я¦ Adjust! I work in an organization where young people, they all adore Irina we know every melody and every word. it velikolepla, talented, beautiful ..... and obazhaema us!
  • Toys for Allegrova Irina
  • adore Irina Allegrova! she is the most beautiful and the best!
  • Artem for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina, why did not respond to comments?
  • Kirill for Allegrova Irina
  • thank you ... you are not just better, you better ... thank you for what you est.Spasibo songwriter, for their tvorchastvo.Schastya. zdorovya.my, your fans, always with Vami.ya inclined to you, our EMPRESS!
  • Julia for Allegrova Irina
  • Stunning voice, . and texts?, . can drive you mad, . summashedshaya transfer impressions !( as much goose on the skin), . Charming appearance, . (Always been the ideal, . Thunder-woman ! With each song sozdaetsya impression, . Bud it all happened (it all) with itself!,
  • Anonymous for Allegrova Irina
  • Anya for Allegrova Irina
  • Thank her for everything! I adore her! She has a very nice and emotional song!
  • Andrew for Allegrova Irina
  • I just love it!
  • Grustinka for Allegrova Irina
  • п·п·п·п+п+п+, Ira ! It's hard to watch you from far away ! So you want to tell you all that the soul. I want to bring happiness to you and oh, if it were possible to become your denominative daughters:))) It's a pity but it is unrealistic. Although whether you generally communicate with me. Lord, that's a fool dreaming. Well just kiss softly softly in your tender cheeks ! D.
  • Alesia for Allegrova Irina
  • Allegrova most worthy singer of our time!
  • Alina Zaitova for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina Hello! I am madly upset, . have not been able to get to your concert in my city, . in Togliatti 26.09.08.No what to do, . I this day she worked at kontserte.I though I'm only 19 years old I have enough serious repertoire dominated your pesni.Konechno, . you can not compare, . but also sing soul and serdtsem.Nadeyus, . that already this year you again oschatlivite us with your visit! you the most unique, Your fan Alina,
  • Lena for Allegrova Irina
  • I love the creativity Irina Alleksandrovny and herself. I wish her happiness!
  • Vika 10 years old for Allegrova Irina
  • first time I was on your kontserte.Eto was super! You are the best! "I liked all your pesni.Ya always listen to them now.
  • Valentine for Allegrova Irina
  • Ira you are a super stay vsegda.My love you!
  • Luda for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina! You are the best singer in the world! You are ideal for any girl! You can listen to your songs every day for 100 times, they are wonderful!
  • Luda for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina! You are the best ! your songs great! !
  • Tatiana for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina, You are beautiful! Hour ago, came to your concert! State euphoria. Thank you for your talent! You are a ray of solntsa.Ya recently buried her husband. He skonchalchya suddenly of a heart attack serdtsa.Nastroenie was useless! But. after your concert I understand life goes on! Must deal with stress and out of stupora.Absolyutno true today you said that your songs are helping people survive. So it est.U you kollektiv.Ponravilis your wonderful musicians, especially the drummer. Class! A show-ballet? Well done! Irina! Your songs, excellent! It is a pity that you rarely speaks naTV. Listened and listened to like you. I wish you creative success and enormous human happiness!
  • stranger for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina, I have never been your poklonitsey the more fan, but I want you vyrozit enormous gratitude. Even I can not say that for more. For your Teperpesni or for your amazing voice, they saved my life. The amazing story happened to me, but that's another story. Now I'm your dolzhnitsa.no in debt I do not like to go. Time comes, I respect and duty vernu.S. Prznaniem
  • Aigul for Allegrova Irina
  • I п+п¦п¦пTп¦я¦ you, I have all your albums, I am following your creativity, but not as why it is not poluchaetsya get to your concert! you the most, beautiful, bright, clever. I admire you!
  • Anonymous for Allegrova Irina
  • Maya for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina, you are very beautiful and very talented woman! I wish you success!
  • Galina for Allegrova Irina
  • first time I heard your songs when I was 10 years old! then I have had problems in destve, . but thanks to your songs I was easier to live them! "Now I grew up but still love your work! estmnogo songs you have always taken for the soul!,
  • Anonymous for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina is the best in the world! love it!
  • Kirill for Allegrova Irina
  • I really like your songs. You sing very well. I wish you success on the stage.
  • Olga for Allegrova Irina
  • Strong. Smart. Beautiful. Talented. ... Stunning man! "This should be a woman, I admire you.
  • Elena for Allegrova Irina
  • My letter is no different style, . excellent size verse, . but sincerity, . love, . hope, . joy and delight in it, I invested. I wish you happiness, . creative success, the most beautiful of all pop stars, . Which of the many subjects we showed the woman's love. Truly love empress, . managed to regain her, . I know, . it will not happen, . love is not fly away from her. I will not remain alone with a candle, . call to prayer will not be expected, . Honeymoon will pour river, . and the soul of the drafts are not flies. Let it be again a lot of songs of different, . They concern the soul every time, . Not only the clouds have planted his hands, . let the stronger will be a hundred times,
    . Each song seemed to me, so it's like to work Irene.
  • Marina for Allegrova Irina
  • thanks for the song.
  • aleksei for Allegrova Irina
  • pobolse pokazivai tvoi nogti dlinnije, kras ix krasnim cvetom iv kameru pokazivai ix
  • Anonymous for Allegrova Irina
  • you divine ! ! you are to me as an angel !
  • Anonymous for Allegrova Irina
  • I love you
  • Anonymous for Allegrova Irina
  • you are to me the most godly woman! adore you! kiss your feet
  • Hope for Allegrova Irina
  • I love your songs, я¦п©п+я¦пTп¦п+ you for vse.i'll look forward to the new!
  • l for Allegrova Irina
  • Elena for Allegrova Irina
  • I have not obazhayu.S patience, waiting for your tour in Israel.
  • Vovan for Allegrova Irina
  • Pugacheva steeper
  • Milan for Allegrova Irina
  • Dear Irina, you - a wonderful singer and a strong spirit of a woman. I bow before you. I have for you songs, love songs, but, alas, I do not know how you can be contacted so you can listen to and view the text. I am sure that they are not worse than those that heard on the radio. For every song you can shoot video, because they have both the content and feelings. You further success and health. And for those who send to you a negative, even if you do not touch, and for them to return
  • Jan for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina Allegrova songs are songs about life, about this "Babskii" life! Irina Allegrova listened to my mom yet, and I'm still a little girl listening ih.Seychas to me already ... and I fully understand the meaning inherent in the words of a song! Thank you for your work !
  • Julia for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina you own the best actress of our platform, true EMPRESS. I love you and your songs since childhood. Very carefully watch over your creativity, but I can not seem to get to your concerts, but I hope that when - I caused any. Come visit us in Krasnodar. You are beautiful! I wish you creative success, happiness and all the very best!
  • Anonymous for Allegrova Irina
  • Pts love your work and your songs .... sorry that it is impossible to talk swami at least on the Internet
  • Elena for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina your songs associated with the life which I am very familiar .... SOMETIMES JUST INCLUDING ANY one of your album and just sit weep ... THANK YOU FOR YOUR EMOTIONAL SONG OF HAPPINESS .... you success in WORK ....
  • Elena-Vladivostok for Allegrova Irina
  • Irina, you are very beautiful woman! I admire your creativity! I wish you happiness and great love! And in the future to please us with their songs!
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