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DVORAK Antonin (Dvorak Antonin)

( Biggest Czech composer 19.)

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Biography DVORAK Antonin (Dvorak Antonin)
photo DVORAK Antonin (Dvorak Antonin)
(1841-1904), Dvorak was born on September 8, 1841 in the village Nelahozeves (near Prague) in the family butcher, the owner of the inn. Although the boy was destined to continue his father's business, he worked diligently playing the violin at the age of 16 years went to Prague to continue his musical education. There he earned his living playing in orchestras in the city. In the end he had received a violist in the orchestra of the Czech National Theater, directed by famous composer Smetana. In 1875, thanks to the assistance of Johannes Brahms Dvorak managed to get a government scholarship; Brahms helped the young composer and the publication of his works at the famous Viennese publisher Simrock. Soon Dvorak won fairly well known: he had been invited to give concerts in England, and in 1892 he became director of the National Conservatory in New York and held that post for three years. However, homesickness forced Dvorak to return to Prague, where he led the conservatives in 1901. Dvorak died in Prague on May 1, 1904.
Dvorak, as his compatriot Smetana, synthesized in the creativity European and specific national elements. However, if the ideal of art was Liszt, Smetana, Dvorak then, the representative of the younger generation, based on the achievements of Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms. The biggest creative successes associated with non-program Dvorak symphony, . instrumental-and romansovymi genres, . church music, two out of ten of his operas - Mermaid (one of the best works of the composer) and the Devil and Kacha - so put on the European stage,
. Style composer differs rich melody, originality, rhythm (often associated with folk sources) and colorful orchestral writing. Dvorak was strongly influenced by Brahms, but in general, his art is the emotional nature

. The culmination of the creative for steel for Dvorak's three years spent in America, . when one after another of his best compositions - Ninth (previously regarded as a fifth) Symphony in E minor, . bears the name from the New World, . - It threads, . composed under the influence of Indian and Negro melodies, . combined with typical Czech melodies; Cello Concerto in B minor - one of the finest works of this genre in world literature; inspired String Quartet in F major (American) - it was written by Dvorak in Spillville (pc,
. Iowa) and, like the symphony, contains Indian and negro motives; full of sincere reverence Bible songs on the old Czech texts - they are deeply imprinted in particular musician's longing for his homeland. It is worth mentioning a number of works - Slavonic Dances (written for piano duet, . and then transposed by the author for Orchestra) - the most popular work of Czech master, . Fifth Symphony in F major (previously - Third), . Violin Concerto, . as well as chamber genres - Piano Quintet in A Major, . piano trio Daisy, . sorts of fantasy on the themes of Czech dances, . numerous piano pieces, . including cycle Humoresque (seventh cycle of plays there now in a variety of arrangements),
. Among the church stand poetic compositions Dvorak Stabat Mater, the majestic Te Deum, a touching requiem - all works for soloists, chorus and orchestra.

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DVORAK Antonin (Dvorak Antonin), photo, biography
DVORAK Antonin (Dvorak Antonin), photo, biography DVORAK Antonin (Dvorak Antonin)  Biggest Czech composer 19., photo, biography
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