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Alexander Dumas (Dumas Alexandre)

( French novelist and playwright, usually called the father of Dumas.)

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Born July 24, 1802 at Villers-Kotra (dep. Ena), son of the Republican general. Is almost no systematic education, a twenty-Dumas, having in his pocket and fifty-three francs, went to conquer Paris. In his memoirs he wrote that his vocation was opened in 1827, when he first saw the play William Shakespeare performed by English actors. In 1829, a year before the appearance of Hernani, Victor Hugo, he created the first truly romantic drama of Henry III and his court (Henry III et sa cour), with a big-time set in the 'Comedie-Francaise' and a very successful financially. After it appeared a number of plays, as the subjects of national history: Christine (Christine, 1830); Nelsky 's Tower (La Tour de Nesles, 1832) and other. In modern comedy of manners Antony (Antony, 1831) the writer undertook the first stage in an attempt to explore the practice of psychology romantic hero. For drama Dumas characterized the rapid development of the intrigue and outright brutality demonstration.
The same cult of energy and passion characterizes his novels cloak-and-dagger. The novel The Three Musketeers (Les trois mousquetaires, 1844), belonging to one of the most popular historical narratives of all time, was written in collaboration with the Mac OS. The storyline is almost entirely borrowed from a so-called. Memoirs of Monsieur D'Artagnan (Memoires de M. D'Artagnan) Gotena de Courtilz de Sandra (Gautien de Courtilz de Sandras). The book tells about the exciting adventures of the musketeers of Louis XIII (17.) - Athos, . embodies the type of a perfect gentleman, . Porthos, . embodies the heroic might, . polusvyaschennika-polusoldata Aramis and impulsive, . though canny, . Gascons D'Artagnan,
. Unites them immortal motto: 'One for all and all for one'. Historical and adventurous trilogy of the same characters completed novels Twenty years later (Vingt ans aprs, 1845) and the Vicomte de Brazhelon (Le Vicomte de Bragelon, 1848-1850). Classics of the genre are also novels Queen Margot (La Reine Margot, 1845), Mrs. Monsoreau (La Dame de Monsoreau, 1846), Forty-five (Les quarante-cinq, 1847-1848). The novel of modern life (from the beginning of the Restoration in 1814 until the Revolution of July 1830) The Count of Monte Cristo (Le Comte de Monte Cristo, 1844-1845), perhaps the most popular of all the novels of Dumas.

Heritage Dumas nearly three hundred volumes. To ensure a sufficient quantity of material, he organized the present factory of books. The staff were O. Dumas and Maquet P. Fiorentino. But the spark animates Dumas was a genius, because none of his staff was unable to independently create any memorable novel.

In the life of Dumas was not inferior to their own characters. He took an active part in the liberal movement of 1830, . managed various theaters and newspapers, . made several devastating Travel, . who has devoted nearly 30 books of their road impressions (Impressions de voyage), . including From Paris to Astrakhan (De Paris Astrakan, . 1858), . in 1860 joined the campaign 'Thousands' Dzh.Garibaldi, . ensured the victory of the Italian revolution, 1859-1860,
. Wasting with unprecedented generosity of the huge amounts Dumas died in near poverty in Puys, near Dieppe December 5, 1870.

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Alexander Dumas (Dumas Alexandre), photo, biography
Alexander Dumas (Dumas Alexandre), photo, biography Alexander Dumas (Dumas Alexandre)  French novelist and playwright, usually called the father of Dumas., photo, biography
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