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Thomas Malory (Malory Sir Thomas)

( English writer)

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Biography Thomas Malory (Malory Sir Thomas)
(? - 1471)
Arturovskih author of eight novels, a compilation, which he called The Book of King Arthur and his valiant knights of the Round Table, in 1485 published by William Caxton in a single volume entitled The Death of Arthur (Le Morte Darthur). Historians have identified the Malory knight of Newbold-Revel (Warwickshire County), who was born in the early 15 th century and the last twenty years of his life almost entirely, with few interruptions, has spent in prison on various charges. He belonged to the old uorikshirskomu old and in 1444 and 1445 represented his county in Parliament. Autumn 1462 was accompanied by the Count of Warwick and Edward IV in a military campaign in Northumberland, and when Warwick went over to lankastertsam, followed his example. In 1468 Malory twice removed from the list lankastertsev, which Edward granted amnesty. Malory died March 14, 1471, buried in the church of the Gray Friars (Franciscans) in London.
Most of the works of Malory, if not all, written in prison. They were located by the author or one of the scribes in the following order: The Tale of King Arthur (Book 1.4 by Caxton edition), . Tale of King Arthur and the Emperor Lucia (Book 5), . Glorious story of Sir Lancelot (Book 6), . Book of Sir Gareth (Book 7), . Book of Sir Tristram (Books 7-12), . Tale of Sangreale, . or exploit in the name of the Holy Grail (books 12-17), . Book of Sir Lancelot and Queen Ginevra (books 18-19), . Death of Arthur (books 20-21),
. Of these, only one - The Tale of King Arthur and the Emperor Lucia - completely based on English sources (English poem of 14., Known as alliterativnaya Death of Arthur). For the rest Malory used as sources of French chivalry at 13. In t.ch. Merlin and one of its sequels - a novel Tristan, as well as some parts of Lancelot.

Malory realistically treats the stories of knights adventure, striving to give them English flavor, and under his pen, a succession of fantastic, mainly French narrative turns into a purely English epic. More important Malory attempts to process the medieval chivalry in accordance with the norms of contemporary literature: it condenses the convoluted story of his sources, . divides them into separate relatively compact stories and in some cases anticipate the shape and style of the modern literature,

Prose Malory combines elements of epic oratory with vividness of English speech. 'The noble and courageous' in tone, a natural for the system, it is free from the traditional dry rhetorical phraseology and pretentious the old syntax, even though in some places, it would seem, literally reproduces the source. Language Malory marked by the same frankness and transparency, and that the composition of his retellings of the most intricate adventures and exploits of the knights of King Arthur.

Until the 1930's works of Malory were known only from early printed edition of the Caxton. In 1934 in the Scientific Library Uinchesterskogo College of William F. Oukshot found related to 15 in. manuscript texts of Malory, allowing the opportunity of critical editions.

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Thomas Malory (Malory Sir Thomas), photo, biography
Thomas Malory (Malory Sir Thomas), photo, biography Thomas Malory (Malory Sir Thomas)  English writer, photo, biography
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