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Pierre de Ronsard (Ronsard Pierre de)

( Poet of the French Renaissance.)

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Biography Pierre de Ronsard (Ronsard Pierre de)
Rejecting the medieval tradition and choosing a model to emulate the classical literature of Greece and Rome, he had a decisive influence on the development of French poetry of the next two centuries.
Born September 11, 1524 in the castle of La Possoner, in the valley of the Loire river (province Vandomua). After training in the Collц¬ge de Navarre, was pazhom sons, and then the sisters of King Francis I of France. As Secretary Lazar de Baifa, one of the greatest humanists of his time, an eminent diplomat and father of Antoine de Baifa, Ronsard, visited Scotland, England and the Alsatian town of Haguenau. During this trip, he met many famous scientists, but also suffered a serious illness which resulted in deafness. As diplomatic and military career was now closed to him, he devoted himself entirely to the study of the classics and poetry.

Together with other young nobles, equally enamored of science, Ronsard joined the Paris College Cochran, where his mentor was the Dora. All poets Pleiades differed extraordinary zeal and passion for learning. In 1650 Ronsard was elevated to the rank of the court poet. After the death of Charles IX, he lived in the abbey in Kruaval Vandomua and Saint-Kom in the Touraine. Ronsard died in Saint-Kom-sur-Loire 27 December 1585.

Creativity Ronsard unequally. Melodramatic and artificial Odes (Odes, 1550-1553) was a clear imitation of Pindar and Horace. So not completed an epic poem Fransiada (La Franciade, 1572) failed. Real glory brought Ronsard lyrics - collections of love poems (Amours, 1552), Continuation of love poems (Continuations des Amours, 1555) and the Sonnets to Elena (Sonnets pour Hlne, 1578). In the love poetry of Ronsard dominant theme is rapidly running time of withering flowers and farewell to the youth, is being further developed goratsievsky motif of 'carpe diem' ( 'catch the moment'). Ronsard is also a great singer of nature - rivers, forests, waterfalls. In the arguments about the scourge of our time (Discours des misres de ce temps, ca. 1562), created during the religious wars, Ronsard proved himself a master of political satire and patriotic poet warehouse. He also owns numerous poems 'on the occasion'. His fame has reached Germany, Holland, Italy, Sweden and Poland. He imitated or experienced his influence many English poets - Wyatt, Sidney, Herrick, Spenser and Shakespeare.

Reviving octosyllabic and decasyllabic, Ronsard has breathed new life into the little-known Middle Ages of Alexandria, or dvenadtsatislozhny, verse, developed it and gave it greater sonority. Thanks Ronsard French poetry gained musicality, harmony, variety, depth and scale. He introduced her theme of nature, both sensual and platonic love, completely updated its content, form, rhetoric and vocabulary, so it can be rightfully considered the founder of lyric poetry in France.

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Pierre de Ronsard (Ronsard Pierre de), photo, biography
Pierre de Ronsard (Ronsard Pierre de), photo, biography Pierre de Ronsard (Ronsard Pierre de)  Poet of the French Renaissance., photo, biography
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