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STEEL Richard (Steele Richard)

( English essayist, playwright and politician.)

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Biography STEEL Richard (Steele Richard)
Born in March 1672 in Dublin (the exact date of birth is unknown) in an impoverished noble family. After the death of the boy's father, uncle, G. Gascoigne, personal secretary and adviser to the Duke of Ormond, took care of his education. In 1684 thanks to the patronage of Ormond Steele was admitted to the Charterhouse School in London, where he received a classical education and became friends with classmate and future co-Dzh.Addisonom. Friends continued their education at Oxford University, where in 1689, Steele became a scholar of Christ Church College, and later - Merton College. Unlike Addison, Steele successes at Oxford were not shining. In 1694, never received the degree, he enlisted in the army.
Steele was promoted to captain, and master of London intellectuals, and began to write. Literary fame came to him with comedy funeral, . Trend or sadness (The Funeral, . or Grief A-la-mode, . 1701), . where derided the new funeral ritual, the Liar-lover, . or female friendship (The Lying Lover, . or Ladies' Friendship, . 1703) by Liar P. Corneille, and gentle man, . Completed or fools (The Tender Husband, . or The Accomplished Fools, . 1703) on the Sicilians and ridiculous prude Moliere,
. In these plays, . as well as in magazine essays, and his last comedy sincere lovers (The Conscious Lovers, . 1722), . written explanation of Girls with Andros Terence, . Steele carefully avoided 'immorality and brutality', . inherent drama 17,

In 1709 Steele began to compose a series of essays, which brought him a solid reputation. They were published in the journals 'Chatter' ( 'The Tatler', . 1709-1710), . blshuyu of the materials for which he wrote himself, . Although participation and other writers, . primarily Addison; 'spectator' ( 'The Spectator', . 1711-1712), . Steele, who published with Addison, . wrote the essays there blshuyu part; 'The Guardian' ( 'The Guardian', . 1713), . where among other cooperated A. Pop and Dzh.Berkli; and 'Englishman' ( 'The Englishman', . 1 st Issue 1713-1714, . 2 nd - 1714), . which was devoted to questions of succession,

In the journal 'Englishman', as well as a number of pamphlets, of which deserve special mention Crisis (The Crisis, 1714) and written by Mr. Steele apology for himself and his works (Mr. Steel's Apology for Himself and His Writings, 1714), Steele defended the principles of the Whig. He was a member of parliament under Queen Anne, but in March 1714 was expelled for fiery writings in defense of Whig. However, several months later, when the reign of George I and the Whigs returned to power, Steele was re-elected to Parliament. In addition, he became director of the theater 'Drury Lane', and in 1715 was elevated to the dignity of knighthood.

Twice married to the owner of a considerable fortune, Steele was an extremely wasteful. In 1724, because of debts and failing health he was forced to move to Wales. Steele died in Karmantene September 1, 1729.

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STEEL Richard (Steele Richard), photo, biography
STEEL Richard (Steele Richard), photo, biography STEEL Richard (Steele Richard)  English essayist, playwright and politician., photo, biography
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