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Philipp Jakob Spener (Spener Philipp Jakob)

( German Evangelical theologian, founder of Pietism, genealogist and founder of theoretical heraldry.)

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Biography Philipp Jakob Spener (Spener Philipp Jakob)
Born January 23, 1635 in Rappoltsvaylere (RIBEAUVILLE, Upper Alsace), the family lawyer. He received education at home under the guidance of godmother, the Countess Agathe von Rappoltshtayn, followers of Johann Arndt (1555-1621). In 1651-1659 he studied philosophy and theology (from 1654) at Strasbourg University, in 1653 received a Master of Philosophy. At university he studied theology of Luther and the orthodox dogma of a famous Lutheran theologian Johann Conrad Dannhauera. In addition to academic study of theology Spener studied history, and after graduation - Hebraic language and the Old Testament. In 1663 became assistant preacher at Strasbourg Cathedral.

After defending his doctoral dissertation in theology (1664) moved to Frankfurt (1666), where he became the doyen (Senior) rectory city. In Frankfurt, Spener organized courses in the catechism, and from 1670 spent in his house TN. collegia pietatis ( 'school of piety', hence the name of the movement 'Pietism'), meeting for Bible reading, sermons, encouragement of piety and the awakening of the living active faith alien to the orthodox formalism. Meetings are open to all, and with 1,674 students no longer constitute a majority of participants. In 1679 in Frankfurt was founded to house the poor and orphans.

In 1686 Spener accepts an invitation to become a court preacher of the Saxon court at Dresden, but differences with the Elector forced him to move in 1691 to Berlin, where he holds the position of propsta (senior pastor) the church of St.. Nicholas.

Spener died in Berlin on Feb. 5, 1705

. Dissatisfaction with the state of the Lutheran Church of his time led Spener to criticize the church and the program of reforming the Church's life - this is dedicated to the main essay Spener Pia desideria [Victim pleasing], . or heart charity striving to improve the true Gospel Church, . kupno with some of this simple-targeted Christian proposals (Pia Desideria: oder hertzliches Verlangen nach gottgeflliger Besserung der wahren Ev,
. Kirche, sampt einigen dahin einfltig abzweckenden christlichen Vorschlgen, 1675), published in Frankfurt. For healing the church, he offered to update her on the basis of the living and active faith in the constant appeal to the Scriptures, in communion with the pious believers

. Eschatology Spener, . which runs counter to the orthodox Lutheran teachings, . was presented in the book Hope for better times (Hoffnung besserer Zeiten, . 1692): in these 'better days' after-treatment of Jews and the death of the papacy would be overcome religious divisions and all believers glorify God with one voice,

Spener had a strong influence on many generations of evangelical church leaders and theologians in t.ch. A. H. Franke, H. von Tsintsendorfa (who was his godson Spener), etc.

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Philipp Jakob Spener (Spener Philipp Jakob), photo, biography
Philipp Jakob Spener (Spener Philipp Jakob), photo, biography Philipp Jakob Spener (Spener Philipp Jakob)  German Evangelical theologian, founder of Pietism, genealogist and founder of theoretical heraldry., photo, biography
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