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Ermakov Oleg N.

( prose writer, a member of the Union of Russian Writers, a member of PEN Center of Russia.)

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Biography Ermakov Oleg N.
(genus. 20.II.1961, Smolensk)
During the passage of compulsory service in the Soviet Army had fought in Afghanistan (1981-83 gg.). Experiences there formed the basis of his first works. Stories E. publish magazines 'October', 'Banner', 'New World' (1987-90 gg.). In the journal 'Banner' (1992) first published his novel 'The sign of the beast'. Separate edition first published in Smolensk (Publishers 'Rusich', 1994), in 1997-99. published in the journal banner trilogy 'The Pipe of the universe' (novels 'Transsiberian patoral', 'Unicorn', 'The River'). High measure of truth in the depiction of the tragic, deep psychology, philosophical understanding of the events and characters in works of E. appreciated by critics and readers. Roman 'mark of the beast' and the stories of E. translated into German, French, etc.. languages.

Lit.: Schwartz D. 'Anna Karenina' instead of 'War and Peace' / / Banner, 1992. - Kn. 2; Ageev A. Nasty flesh: O. Ermakov and prospects 'Afghan' literature / / Banner, 1993. -? 4; Rodnyanskaya AND. Mars out of the abyss / / New World, 1993. -? 4; Bavilsky D. Stranger Than Paradise / / New World, 1998. -? 5; Nemzer A. Look at the Russian literature in 1997. / / Friendship of Peoples, 1998. -? 1, Who's Who in Russia: a reference book. - M., 1998. - P. 232-233; Vetrova In. Writer Oleg Ermakov in the top five / / Work Path, 1993, December 24.

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  • Postgraduate for Ermakov Oleg N.
  • She read all the works Ermakova. The theme of my graduate works "features the artistic embodiment of the theme of the Afghan war in the works Ermakova. Was possible to contact the author. I look forward to release the new novel "Return to Kandahar."
  • Afghan for Ermakov Oleg N.
  • I advise you to read the true Afghan prose here: www.artofwar.ru
  • Bulldog for Ermakov Oleg N.
  • Hello Dear Oleg, My name is Sasha, . I'm 16 and I am learning 11kl school? 89 of the Kalinin district of Saint-peterburga.Ya writing research literature, . in your story ( "The last story of the war"). on the Internet, . and old magazines (such as "Standard") a lot of different reviews and critical articles about your story "The Mark of the Beast", . and on to my topic I could not find something tolkovogo.Proshu you help me with this problem: I would like to hear your comments on this story (if story "The Mark of the Beast" about the horrors of war, . then as "The last story of the war", . whether the main character (Mescheryakov) your prototype in those years??, etc.) with respect Koronevsky Alexander.,
  • Ksenia for Ermakov Oleg N.
  • Dear, help, please! Member of the Union of Russian writers is Oleg Ermakov, who was born in 1961 in Smolensk. Also he is a member of PEN Center RF. Writer, author of 'Mark of the Beast' (1994), 'The smell of dust' (2000), 'The Pipe of the universe' (2001) and others. Lives in Smolensk. Help find him, or information about it. My daughter, for reasons of health exams in a gentle form. The theme of lecture on the literature of Smolensk region, is the life and work of our countryman, ON Ermakova. Please, if anyone has any information, help me. Thank you in advance family Stukan. Our address oks473@yandex.ru
  • Victoria for Ermakov Oleg N.
  • Hello Oleg! I am writing a monograph on your creations (stories and novels "Mark of the Beast"). For the introduction need your picture, for example, is that on the cover of the novel (M.: EKSMO, 2006). I would be grateful if you will connect to e-mail. In addition, there are a number of questions about the intertextual relationship of some scenes and images of the novel.
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    Ermakov Oleg N., photo, biography
    Ermakov Oleg N., photo, biography Ermakov Oleg N.  prose writer, a member of the Union of Russian Writers, a member of PEN Center of Russia., photo, biography
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