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Konenkov Sergei Timofeyevich

( prominent sculptor of our time, people's artist of USSR (1958),)

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Biography Konenkov Sergei Timofeyevich
(28.VI.1871 city, village. Karakovichi Elninskaya district of Smolensk province - 9.H.1971, Moscow; buried in the Novo-Devichye Cemetery)
Member of USSR Academy of Arts (1954), State Prize Laureate (1951) and Lenin Prize (1957). Hero of Socialist Labor (1964), author of more than 700 sculptures in the 40 museums in our country and in many other museums.
. Born in a peasant family, he studied at the Roslavl High School (1885-1892gg.), The Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1892-1896 gg.) In SI
. Ivanov and SM. Volyuhina in the High School of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg (1899-1902 gg.) In the workshop VA. Beklemisheva. Since 1902. lived and worked in Moscow, took part in the revolutionary events of 1905, created a series of works devoted to the fighters of the revolution: "Nike" (1906), "Work-fighter Ivan Churkin (1906)," Athenaeum "(1906 g.). Reference to the popular character in the sculptures of "Peasant" (1906), "Slav" (1906), "Detsakie Dreams" (1906), "Beggar brethren" (1913). Since 1909. creates a series of wooden works of Russian folklore: "Forest Man" (1909), "The old polevichok" (1910), "Stribog" (1910), "prophetic old woman" (1916).
In 1912, Mr.. travels to Greece and Egypt, . who left an imprint on the work of the sculptor and in the same year created the product, . interface with ancient images: "Bark", . Friends, . "Eos", . "Archaic head", . and the cycle of images of naked female body: "The Dream" (1913), . "Winged" (1913), . "Primitive" (1915), . "Isadora Duncan" (1916),
. During these years, the port creates portraits of people's creative work, famous writers, musicians and artists: "Paganini" (1908, 1916.) "A.P. Chekhov "(1908)," Bach "(1910)," Self-Portrait "(1916).

For services in the field of sculpture elected a member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1916). In 1917-1918., . headed by the Moscow Union of Artists, Sculptors, . participates in the implementation of Lenin's plan of monumental propaganda, . carries a plaque "fell in the struggle for peace and brotherhood of peoples" in the Kremlin's Spassky Tower in Moscow and the "Monument to a crowd of Stepan Razin" (1919) in Red Square in Moscow (located in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg),
. From 1918 to 1922. taught at VHUTEMAS. Lives and works in New York in 1924-1945 he. The best works of this period - portraits FI. Chaliapin (1925), NV. Plevitskaya (1925), п?.п?. Pavlov (1930), п-.п°. Gorky (1928), F.M. Dostoevsky (1933), A.S. Pushkin (1937), A. Einstein (1938).

In 1945, Mr.. returned to their homeland, lives in Moscow, working in the field of easel sculpture ( "Portrait. Mayakovsky, "1947;" Portrait of AI. Herzen, 1951; "Portrait of H. Beloyanisa, "1951;" Socrates, "1953;" Portrait Stamp. Mussorgsky, "1953;" Portrait of W. Darwin, 1954), as well as monumental: to perform the frieze of the building of the Institute of Geochemistry of the Academy of Sciences. VI. Vernadsky in Moscow and skulptrurnoe clearance Musical Drama Theater in Petrozavodsk (1953-1954 gg.). In 50-70-ies. fame get his journalistic articles in newspapers and magazines, books "A word to the young" (1958), "Land and People" (1968), "My Century" (1972)
The life and work to. largely connected with Smalensk: conversations with villagers, material aid to rebuild war-ravaged homes, clothing, food, medicines. Travel Karakovichi, meeting with fellow countrymen led to the creation of works "Portrait I.V. Zuev (1947), "Farmer" (1954), "Brigadier Semyon Alexeyev from the village Karakovichi" (1957). Sculptor frequents Smolensk, where the exhibition of his works (1958) and Museum opens its sculptures (1973).

In 1964, Mr.. K. awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of Mr.. Of Smolensk, was named the Smolensk Oblast Museum of Fine Arts, one of the main streets of Smolensk, where in 1974. was a bronze version of "Self-Portrait" 1954. Vol.: Konenkov swt. My Century. - M., 1972.

Lit.: Kamensky AA. ST Konenkov, 1975; Museum sculpture swt. Konenkova. Catalog. - Smolensk, 1974.

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Konenkov Sergei Timofeevich
Konenkov Sergei Timofeevich
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Konenkov Sergei Timofeyevich, photo, biography
Konenkov Sergei Timofeyevich, photo, biography Konenkov Sergei Timofeyevich  prominent sculptor of our time, people's artist of USSR (1958),, photo, biography
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