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Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)

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Biography Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
photo Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
In 1994, the international competition "Look of the year", the Agency's "ELITE", beat Natasha Semanova. In 1995, the podium was to take Ira Bondarenko, but the policy was, alas, the above objective criteria. As a result, only the second place. It seems that Ira is not particularly upset. She takes her modeling career, as something predestined, a kind of karma and not paying attention to individual successes or failures.

As the daughter of the military, Ira traveled all my life. Born in Krasnodar, and graduated from modeling school in Leningrad. Even then, in 15 years, she attracted the attention and quickly hit the number "trump cards" of the Moscow Agency Red Starz ".

Today, its unusual appearance and freshness to attract the attention of many couturiers - not saying a word they offer il go in the honor - wedding dress.

After working for six months in Paris, Ira moved now to the New York office "ELITE". Come true, her desire to be in an English speaking country. "I do not know what was going on, perhaps the language barrier prevents me, because I do not speak French, but Paris is my city, I did not feel. I - Taurus and get very attached to people, to the place in general. It then suffer when you have to leave or leave. Probably, most of the money I earned I spent talking with Leningrad, with my parents ".

The first time saw Irina in the agency "Red STARS" in 1994 - she came to Russia competition of professional models and models "Look of the year" (now - "Elite Model Look"). The girl was not very pleased. "Damp" - said her agency. But she was insistent and exactly six months later reappeared in the agency. Was November. Moscow is ready for high fashion week. And the fashion business professionals decided to risk. Who would have ever think that it was taken away at the casting Ira almost all eminent designers. Yes, in some incarnation! In itself that neither is on the prestigious: the shows Ira was published in the bride's dress. Then the girl was ... 15. And in 1995-th year, having worked in Milan for shows Biagiotti and being acquainted with the owner of the "ELITE" by John Casablancas, Bondarenko decided to become a star. That same year, she receives shocking second place at the international competition "Look of the year" (scandalous because she fiercely fought against Nadja Auermann, who resides in the jury and had chuyavshaya competition).

So Ira was in "ELITE", first in the New York office (up to 16 years old models do not have the right to work in France), and then in Paris. Future spouses introduced Vitaly Leiba, friend of John Casablancas. Ira asked him to withdraw for the best Booker fashion business, so that he "led" her. Of course, the girl's arrogance knew no bounds, because Gerald Marie only works with the stars, he created the Naomi and Christy, and on Linda Evangelista, his wife threw all the forces of "ELITE". However, sometimes it is arrogance and need to capture the success of the tail. Gerald, of course, greatly surprised Russian model who dared to come with such a proposal. But exactly one year later he had already sent out invitations to his own wedding.

The ceremony took place on June 23, 2000, 50 km from Paris in a castle owned by Count de La Rochefoucauld. 280 people invited walked for three days: in the morning they fished at night, and have fun at the party, and in the evening sitting in the castle at the reception (in the castle, by the way, almost all the guests and live). The wedding took place under the tree, also in the chateau park. When asked the priest: "Would you marry Gerald ...", replied in Russian:" Yes! " and at that moment came the music, Gypsy King, who love newlyweds. "Gypsy King" all night and entertained the audience:

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  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
  • Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)

Photos of Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)
Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)

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Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko), photo, biography
Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko), photo, biography Bondarenko Irina (Irina Bondarenko)  Photomodel, photo, biography
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