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Biography BOGDANOV Oleg
photo BOGDANOV Oleg
Autobiography of a road slope.

I was born in the distant 1948, in Leningrad. Ibid studied and there is also the first time, sat behind the wheel of a car. I was seventeen. Truck was called GAZ-51. But incomprehensible and inexplicable passion for technology was discovered much earlier, at three. I exhausting parents demanding to take me to the station, and when this happened, the clock was fascinated by the engine and enjoy the view of this enormous machine. So my first love - a locomotive and car in my life came much later.

In the majority made a gift - was the right of the third class. As a student, during summer vacation, shook with geologists over the vast expanses of the Soviet Union. It was a real offroudovskaya extreme riding. That's when I became ill rally and began to think about fast marathons.

After the army, where he served two years of driving instructors, came to the ZIL, worked as a driver-test. Specialization - "speed tests". Simply put, I became a professional rallistom. In those same years, acquired a motor engineering education. All this was written the book "Springboard-flight".

From 1979 to 1989 worked as an editor in the magazine "Behind the wheel, tested the cars of all kinds and breeds

. In 1988, with their counterparts Viktor Panyarskim (now - the general director of JSC "the wheel") and Vladimir Soloviev (now - the deputy chief editor of "limousine") has established a record speed, . VAZ 2109 traveled to five thousand kilometers from Moscow to Lisbon for 45 hours,
. A year later, in the same company, plus Nick Kachurin (he is now - the deputy chief editor of "autopilot"), the three "Nivah" We rushed to the equator, in the Nigerian capital Lagos. They traveled through Europe and Africa, including through the center of the Sahara.

Eight years later, together with Land Rover Defenders 90, me and my team of seven men were put on the highest mountain in Europe, Elbrus (5621 meters above sea level). This is what I described in detail in the movie "Man, car and Gore". This ascension, or rather "vozezzhanie" - also a world record. And not only in height but also on the speed. The route length of about twenty miles was over us for 44 days!

Then there was television: "Cardan shaft" on NTV, "Self-Portrait" at TV-6, and now - "ABS" on TVS.

Plans lot. Mainly, adventurous.

Sincerely, Oleg Bogdanov.

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  • Grisha2109 for BOGDANOV Oleg
  • I, 3 back into the hands accidentally hit book Oleg Bogdanov. Just do not even remember how was called, whether Springboard-flight, or Moscow-Lisbon. There were several stories. But it must be said that such strong impressions from reading the books I never felt. I can say with absolute certainty that it would delay any fan of cars and motor sport in itself with the head. But unfortunately I had to part with this book. If anyone has information on where to purchase them or borrow them, then please contact me. I would be extremely grateful. By the way, there at the end of the book, even in extreme driving instruction available. Write Grisha2109@yandex.ru
  • Vello Yunpuu for BOGDANOV Oleg
  • what books written Oleg Bogdanov?
  • Ernst Tsygankov for BOGDANOV Oleg
  • Vello, do not suffer, call them yourself and ask.
  • Taras for BOGDANOV Oleg
  • When I was 13 years old, my father gave me a book "Springboard-flight. Since childhood I get sick in cars and motorsport. And with very great interest I read it from cover to cover. The book is gorgeous! For me - it is a masterpiece.:)
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