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Andrew Belkevich

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Biography Andrew Belkevich
photo Andrew Belkevich
Born in 1973 in Kirov, Moscow has moved later. Kirov - a former Vyatka.

In his childhood hobby of some sort of eight years has been reading the various political articles and viewing the same programs on TV. Those were years of stagnation, the so-called because it was interesting to basically everything that belonged to the sphere of international politics. "International panorama" with Alexander Bovin, and other luminaries of the then journalism never missed (except when my father watched football on another program). To say that dreamed of becoming a journalist since childhood, it would be wrong. Or rather: not wanted them to become. Such a desire in a small provincial town in Soviet times would have seemed too daring. But deep down still lurked little thought that it would be nice to be like those who talks about smart things on television or in newspapers. In other words, someone wanted to be clever.

Later, when he began to teach foreign languages at the institute, like that future work was related to the languages and. But it happened that, while still a student, he began to translate articles from the Western press for the Russian edition, then he began to write for newspapers, magazines, and then got on the radio, well, eventually - on TV. So two dreams come together.

Before you become a professional journalist, made a living differently. In his student years, gave private lessons in French and English, . and at the same time, . happened, . walked on train, . selling photo albums (by the way, . for the student was a very profitable occupation - $ 50 net profit for two or three passes, . but did so not only because of money - to overcome the complex for fear of communicating with an unknown audience).,

. On television since 2000
. Initially worked as an editor of news at TV-6, then - chief editor.

With the advent of the channel team of journalists from NTV became the leading news. Prior to that, many years worked at various radio stations, most recently before the "period of television, life was a radio" Nostalgie ". There was a leading news, and then Director of Information Service.

The happiest period of his career I think two months, spent the winter of 2002 on air of radio "Echo of Moscow". Outwardly, then it looked awful - TV-6 was closed, money is not paid, and, of course, it was very unpleasant - but it was the feeling of complete inner freedom and the importance of what you do. Also love any kind of extreme.

Probably for the same reason, the main hobby - traveling. Despite the outward slowly and assiduity, for a long time, nowhere to go just can not. Well I feel at railway stations and airports. Distinguish journey from organized tourism. I do not like to go for vouchers, when everything is organized. Love that the trip was at least some element of adventurism.

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  • пёп+п+пTя+п¦п¦, intelligent and pravdivyy.Pobolshe be such.
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    Andrew Belkevich, photo, biography
    Andrew Belkevich, photo, biography Andrew Belkevich  Leading, photo, biography
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