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TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner)

( Musical Performer)

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In case you have not read a book about Tina Turner and did not look about her film, then you will be interested to know her story. Real name of this have become a cult, singers - Anne Bullock. She was born November 26, 1939 in the United States of America.

Tina began singing with Ike Turner, who, while still in high school in St. Louis, organized a group of R & B. Soon she became pregnant by saxophonist group (the first born son, Raymond) and moved into a house Ike, with whom she's also a relationship in which another child was born. They married, but the marriage ceremony, which they chose turned out to be illegal. Turned out that Ike never bothered to formally divorce his first wife.

Ike has assumed full control over the life of Tina: he forced her to work in hard mode, endless touring and beat, if she resisted. Soon Revue Ike and Tina Turner, "mainly due to fierce energy of Tina and her thrilling voice, came out on top positions with the hit singles" River Deep, Mountain High "(" Deep River, Mountain High ") and" Proud Mary "(" Proud Mery "), ahead of the lists of R & B. Ike and Tina reached global popularity when it came to the attention of "Rolling Stones" in 1969 (Mick Jagger on the performances of Tina on the scene to this day adheres to conservative estimates). Pressure on Ike Tina became her finally unbearable, and in 1975 after a failed suicide attempts, she leaves him with 36 cents in his pocket and credit card gas station. Many regarded this withdrawal as the end of career for Tina, believing that without the support of Ike's music, it will disappear from the scene. Tina felt that her personal freedom is more important than money. For a while she lived in debt, then worked 6 days a week at a night club.

With the help of Buddhist chants and the Australian manager Roger Davies, this steadfast woman returned to the top of the disk "Private Dancer" (1984), who have been a few times platinum and won a Grammy Award. She returned to the screen (first role was in "Who" s Tommy "), starring in the movie" Beyond Thunderdome "Mad п°ax studio, and released a hit with the same title. In 1987 she made a grand tour "Break Every Rule" to 25 countries. The Queen has returned to the ultra-mini, high heels and manners lioness was bright advertising the benefits of a divorced. While some of the 80-ies. Ike Turner spent in prison in 1991 during a ceremony introducing the Hall of Fame rock n 'roll, he was with Tina. Autobiographical bestseller, "I, Tina" formed the basis for the film, which became a hit "What" s Love Got To Do With It ".

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  • TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner)

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TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner)TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner)TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner)

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  • This is not a biography ! when I write this biography of her life, and not as she sat in a limousine and was a star!
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    TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner), photo, biography
    TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner), photo, biography TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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