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( Television presenter)

Comments for PRIBUTKOVSKAYA Nina
I can remember from three years. I remember my first thought: I will be famous! Excuse me, . immodesty, . but it was with this thought, I begin to remember myself, . and then, . where I know, . how much and how do - such decryption eluded, . well as every person someone famous, . assume, . that there was nothing immodest in my first thought was ..,

I always wanted something to tell. But there was no one. Pope with his mother was not up to my stories. Nurse herself, . who want, . could have anything you want to tell, . kindergarten children asked my sandbox, . or scoop, . but play with me wishing there was little, . I was sluggish, . only to open my mouth, . all already on their children's problems run, . children's problems are many!,

. Then, to kindergarten, I do not go pretending patient, as well as keep my house was no one with whom I was seated in the Court
. Because my aunt was a prosecutor, and the whole day acted in court and asked for the accused exactly fifteen years longer than they deserved. I was five years. I enjoyed sitting in court, and now would be sitting, but you have to go to work. When childhood, I realized that it never written, but there was still a youth, and youth.

Like every normal person, I have not pinned its hopes on the maturity and old age. First, the good reputation in his youth, and maturity in need of money, whereas in old age would simply require youth

. But my happiness and youth is gone, do not fall nor a single line with me, nor my readers that did not exist in this world for one simple reason - to read, it was nothing!

. I graduated from music school, specialization: Theory of Music, where they are not breaking away from the school, gave birth to a daughter, so that afterwards there is nothing to distract from the literary activity
. But the writer's work never comes.

Meanwhile, an era crimplene dress with lurex, and Korean wigs. Naturally, such an interesting life consumed with my head, and thoughts about creativity in my head quite dim, however all other thoughts - too ...

We happily lived: my husband, my daughter and I ...

And my indigenous relatives, ie. Dad, mom and sister at that time believed that the main thing in life - higher education. And why should I obey them, still do not know! What good they have done for my husband and my daughter, when no hook or by crook persuaded me to learn more!

. And then I moved into the next, after three years of age (remember?) Idea, and I voiced it, I said: I want to learn or in Moscow or in Leningrad!

. Until now, I can not understand who and what I received in the Leningrad Institute of Culture
. Krupskaya? This turn of fate I think the coolest!

However, many, many choirs in Russia and abroad, near and far think schastilivymi teams that did not have to sing in my hand. Thank you very much to all with whom I have not met, and I thank them.

My first story was called "Day After School" and I was surprised that the friends that I had been reading, doslushivali it till the end ...

His first short story I wrote in 27 years, and only after 13 years in the form of his radio plays performed on the "Radio Russia" such wonderful actors as a. Balter and E. Vitorgan, and I was awarded a cash prize. Here just opened maturity, and the money came on time.

What can I say? I evolve as a writer is bad and slow, on the threshold of old age and fame did not come.

Husband sorry. He married an ordinary woman, he knew that his wife was three years old I turned the thought of fame. And when I learned that cursed that I did not check with itself: where it is known will be, how much it will how do ...

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PRIBUTKOVSKAYA Nina, photo, biography
PRIBUTKOVSKAYA Nina, photo, biography PRIBUTKOVSKAYA Nina  Television presenter, photo, biography
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